Favorite Year/Generation/Style/Model

2021.10.25 20:12 Snek1775 Favorite Year/Generation/Style/Model

I just thought this might be kind of fun. That and there appears to be die hard 10 or older fans and die hard 11 newer fans. Curious to see how it breaks down.
To take it further sound off in the comments on what you think the ideal 300 is, favorite features, model, what you have, etc. It's all for fun.
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2021.10.25 20:12 No_Conference4363 Just need someone to vent to about my situation

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2021.10.25 20:12 BackDashing (YTP)Souperhero:TheAnimation

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2021.10.25 20:12 Mario9617 A Plague Tale: Innocence Episode 13 [Walkthrough/ Commentary]

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2021.10.25 20:12 Pangolin_of_power [5E][GMT+2][Fridays][Online] DM looking for one more player for a greek mythologically inspired campaign

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2021.10.25 20:12 plants4daze Entitled Bosses That Need To Be FIRED - REACTION

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2021.10.25 20:12 Allanfraser23 [HIRE ME] A Writer For All Your Masters and Undergraduate Assignments and Essays. Efficiency, Timely-Delivery & Free of Plagiarism. At Prowriters5050@gmail.com & Discord: prowriters#0346.

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2021.10.25 20:12 sausagetunnel I'd like to get myself some of that

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2021.10.25 20:12 MemesOfCentra Gender Dysphoria (Maybe)

So I am a Male, and I am hetrosexual. But sometimes I feel not home as a male but other times I do. I think the main issue for me is having long hair, breasts, a vagina, and being able to wear makeup. But other times, I feel happy as a male content. What should I do?
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2021.10.25 20:12 niceguuyy123 Wanna talk about her dm me

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2021.10.25 20:12 ubermeatwad Second Grow, second wash

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2021.10.25 20:12 throwawaydoggie69 A bit anxious on Indica at times but...

... was thinking of a mushroom trip and wondering if anxiety is an issue when tripping, generally speaking? Seems everyone says set and setting are important, and I would definitely get a guide to engage. But I wonder if the fact that I occasionally get some anxiety even on indica might indicate I'll not have a good time in mushrooms. I have experienced mushrooms before but it was literally 30 years ago. Had good trips then.
Let me know your thoughts.
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2021.10.25 20:12 Grimaldushellsreach In the fate series, Being summoned in one's homeland gives a significant boost, but by how much?

For example would the fame boost alow say Mori Nagayoshi to fight at the level of the stay night servants or a different example would be Oda Nobunaga vs the fate zero servants. Also what servant would you like see a version of with said boost? Do you guys think that might be a cool interlude gimmick?
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2021.10.25 20:12 A_Helm_27 [WTS] Sharps Reliabolt, Sig P938 Legion Mags, Vortex Precision Mount, Sig M17 Grip Module (PA)

Vortex Precision Extended 30mm mount. Near new condition, only sat atop my rifle for 100 rounds on a bench. $120 shipped
(2) Sig P938 Mags. Near new, only seen 7 rounds each before I sold the gun. $65 shipped for the pair.
Sharps NP3 Reliabolt. brand new in packaging. $65 shipped.
Sig P320 Grip Module. Off of an M17 w/ safety. I have small and medium. Your choice. $30 shipped.
Payment via PayPal G&S since I’m new to selling on Reddit. I have references other places if needed.
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2021.10.25 20:12 Glad_Name_5072 BabyChibaINU - One of the most ambitious projects on BSC🔥| Launching Now 🎉| Rewards to Holders💰| No Whale & No Bots 💪

🐶千葉市INU かわいいトークン - Making the world a better place by bringing cuteness to those who need it the most. Meme theme decentralized token powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BabyChibaINU is fully decentralised and owned by its fun, vibrant community. Introducing the newest member of the extended doge family.
🐶千葉市INU – BabyChibaINU is designed to reward long term holders. Community is first and foremost. 🐶千葉市INU – BabyChibaINU is proud to run with his founding father and provide transparency and fairness to the community!
🔰🐶千葉市INU – BabyChibaINU is a true patriot to his homeland and he is willing to prove it by allowing everything to be subjected to a vote; • Where will the marketing funds go❓ • When do we turn on our buyback system❓ • Who should be the coin’s new president❓ You will decide.
📌No matter how big or small, as long as you are a citizen of the 🐶千葉市INU republic and are a proud holder of our token, your vote will be counted.
✔️ Huge marketing plan
✔️Buy-back function with rewards for holders
✔️Anti-Bot & Anti-Whale mechanism
✔️ Liquidity will be locked
🐕BabyChibaINU use the following tokenomic breakdown to power it is system and provide the premier token reward platform, using a:
• 8% Reflection/Redistribution Tokens to All Holders
• 1% Added to Liquidity Pool to Maintain Stability in Coin
• 1% Added to Marketing
Contract: 0x15b418e99baa74a46affb0cf1b295cee485b8fff
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x15b418e99baa74a46affb0cf1b295cee485b8fff
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x15b418e99baa74a46affb0cf1b295cee485b8fff#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x84d97FB2a66fa9050108947AaD60a7E48Eb805d5
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2021.10.25 20:12 Appropriate-Care-150 99 play shot tryna find an chill ps4

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2021.10.25 20:12 FunkyOldMayo Bison medallion; Pan seared with red wine, shallots, and garlic.

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2021.10.25 20:12 AbbreviationsLive653 Was this book really made in 1893? Pretty good condition

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2021.10.25 20:12 crua9 If your in the USA would you also be OK if the IRS told us what we owe?

I'm mostly doing this to rant, but after spending such a long time figuring out my tax situation since I'm in poverty and affording a CPA is out of the question.
If you're in the USA would you give the IRS your wallet addresses and what not so they could tell you how much you owe?

This is mostly coming up because I'm looking at a bunch of different tax software (Cointracker, Koinly, etc). In short, my average year I get maybe $1k-$2k a year outside of investments. I'm disabled, working is pretty much out of the question, and I've tried many many many things over the years to get myself into a better life. But it is something when the gov (federal and state) says you don't owe taxes because you're too poor.
I got into this a while back thinking it will help, and I honestly can see a path. But because the tax system is so screwed up and how I have to basically pay something to keep track of things like staking, transfers, etc. This means I must use some tracking software. In short I came down to finding the 2 best ones is Cointracker and Koinly. The problem with Cointracker is price. When you get above a transaction amount Cointracker cost more. Now where the problem really kicks up is depending on the plan with Koinly I found it cost between $0.10-$0.01 per transaction. This means when my staking rewards are 1 cent. I'm automatically spending more money than it cost to cover any fees, taxes if I end up owing, transaction cost, and so on. And since I'm in poverty. Every cent counts (which is why I post educational stuff on here to get moons once in a while. Everything counts to an extremely high degree.)

The only solution to all of this is if Koinly or the others give a massive discount which I can see as crypto does become mainstream and more competition is out there. (Maybe even free ones that makes you the product like how FB does. And poor people like me would eat that up because of what I said above hint hint to any company looking into this and wants to have an extreme dataset of trading info to feed the AI.)
That or something like you just hand over everything to the IRS and let them figure out how much you owe. And like other countries you just agree to it or dispute it.

TLDR me ranting over something stupid and something that most likely will never change.
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2021.10.25 20:12 TehEpicGuy101 Help me decide my next +10 project!

So I'm nearing 1 million feathers (Yes I'm a hoarder I know) and I finally feel like starting another +10 project to burn through them a bit. Whatever the top comment is after 24 hours will be my next project that I work on.
Units I already have +10 so there's no repeats: Roy, Seliph, Eliwood, Dancer Eldigan, Sigure, Cherche, Kronya.
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2021.10.25 20:12 piyoryyta I can't open it yet though

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2021.10.25 20:12 Glowing_anus12345 Sent a promo code to my younger brother who’s getting around to investing. (His response was shocking)

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2021.10.25 20:12 luna_moonsilver Streak 146 - Halloween 6 y Halloween: H20

(¡Hay probablemente unos spoilers en esto!)
Ayer vi la película Halloween 6 y ahora estoy viendo la película siguiente, Halloween: H20. Hay muchas cronologías diferentes en esta franquicia, así que Halloween 4, 5 y 6 son una línea de tiempo y Halloween: H20 continúa desde Halloween 2 (pero 20 años después).
Halloween 6 era muy ridículo - pero disfruté esta película - porque hay un culto y ellos controlan Michael Myers al usar las runas. Por esa razón él mata y creo que todas las explicaciones crean la película menos miedo.
Pero Halloween: H20 no hay la magia y es más que la primera película. No es tan bueno que esa, pero los homicidios son un poco menos absurdos. (¡Sólo un poco!)
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2021.10.25 20:12 absurd-bird-turd Is the red moon inn even worth it to build in ubersreik?

The bonuses you get from it are abysmal compared to other buildings you cna build and sure having a few heros is useful if the town ever gets attacked but odds are it wont get attacked and odds are youll lose anyways. Sure its cool that its there due to vermintide but do people think its actually worth it to build?
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2021.10.25 20:12 de2cios I got a iBook clamshell but there is no sound coming out, I plugged earbuds in and sound does work but the internal speaker doesn’t, I went to settings and its weird how it says “No settings for this device”, im new to Mac OS 9 (9.2.2 Tangerine G3 Clamshell) what could be wrong?

I got a iBook clamshell but there is no sound coming out, I plugged earbuds in and sound does work but the internal speaker doesn’t, I went to settings and its weird how it says “No settings for this device”, im new to Mac OS 9 (9.2.2 Tangerine G3 Clamshell) what could be wrong? submitted by de2cios to VintageApple [link] [comments]