An Interview with Richard Chizmar (Chasing the Boogeyman 2021)

2021.10.25 19:44 GryffinLoL An Interview with Richard Chizmar (Chasing the Boogeyman 2021)

Richard Chizmar, who has done the Gwendy's trilogy with Stephen King, had a recent interview with the Grimoire of Horror. I found it really awesome and wanted to share it here for consideration.
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2021.10.25 19:44 thejackulator9000 me irl

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2021.10.25 19:44 agirl2021 Husband says he'll only work on recovery for me

He says he won't/can't do it for himself. So now I'm just waiting for how he is going to blame me for relapsing. Help.
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2021.10.25 19:44 Boo_Randy Nancy Pelosi Says a Wealth Tax on Billionaires' Unrealized Gains is On the Way

WTF story of the day. Billionaires OWN our Republicrat duopoly on Capital Hill. Anytime Comrade Pelosi or one of her ilk starts talking about taxing billionaires - whose lobbyists draft every law passed by Congress - they mean YOU! The wealth extraction from middle class taxpayers is only going to get more exorbitant from here, friends. Next they will try to tax any assets you might be holding. Every single member of this Parliament of Whores needs to be voted out of office.
“We probably will have a wealth tax,”House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN.
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2021.10.25 19:44 White_Zebra564 A week of sales & gratis later...

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2021.10.25 19:44 Georgia_w12 Looking for a sugar daddy/mommy, no sex. No scams either pls ❤️‍🔥you won’t regret dming me💕😙

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2021.10.25 19:44 marcomcarneiro Feathered tippytaps

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2021.10.25 19:44 ZoolShop Stassi Schroeder Shades Angelina Jolie’s Extensions – Hollywood Life

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2021.10.25 19:44 GalaxyGamer379 Hi! Returning Player here (I lost my old account at around the time Alice and Mad Hatter were released) but I came back in August so I was wondering if my current coliseum teams are good? Anything I should change or memory disks worth getting?

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2021.10.25 19:44 Remergent4Now Gen X’ers of Reddit: why was the Goodyear Blimp such a big deal in the 1970s? What is your blimp memory?

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2021.10.25 19:44 RandomNPC91 I think this works. Thoughts?

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2021.10.25 19:44 jaimebornos15 19 [M4F] [Europe/Anywhere]Looking for that special one to give all my love and cuddles ^^[Relationship]

Hey there! I’m Jaime, I’m posting here because I feel like I have reach that moment of my life where I want to have something with the right girl, being able to support her, give all my love and obviously spend all day laughing of silly things, I have never been in a serious relationship because I didn’t have the chance for it but maybe the times has come!
Anyways I’ll talk about myself a bit so you will know what are you going to find!
-I’m from Spain 🇪🇸 (yes toros and paella 🙃) so I’m open to ldr but would prefer if you are at least from Europe so We can meet somebody, also I would prefer if you are between 16-20 but it’s not a problem if you don’t make that requirements
-I look really Spaniard/Mediterranean you know short brown hair and eyes and that typical stuff,I’m 1,73m tall(5’8?) , I’m ok swapping photos if we connect
-I love traveling, I have been doing it since I’m 3 years old so now I love learning about other countries’s culture, history and mainly food, sadly I haven’t visited any Asian or American country yet, so I hope that you can share some facts from your country and culture with me :D
-I’m also a bit nerdy, I like anime, manga and I play tons of videogames, but I also love to hang out with my friends and going to pubs, playing and watching football (Real Madrid fan xd) and padel and also working out everyday.
-I study robotic engineering, this is my second year of university, I’m a bit stressed with all that content and problems, so forgive me if it takes some time to answer you, probably I’m trying to solve some problem which came directly from hell.
-I consider myself a bit shy, but once I get enough confidence, I’m full of jokes and I have a bit dark humour ngl, also I’m really romantic but takes me time to start flirting with somebody, just gimme some time and I will be saying I love you to you every five minutes :)
Soo more or less this describe how I am and my hobbies if you want to get to know me better just hmu so I can also meet you, I’m willing to hear from you! ^
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2021.10.25 19:44 M0y3r Crushed my hand, who else would dominate my cast. Nobody.

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2021.10.25 19:44 sloopjohnb10 Fellow Americans, how would you feel about a bill that says bills cannot be longer than 10 pages, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point times new Roman font on 8.5x11 paper?

There are so many laws with hidden things in them and they squeak through because our bills are so long and even Congress doesn’t read them.
For example there could be a bill called “save the children bill” and someone votes against it and everyone says the person who votes against it doesn’t want to save the children. Yet hidden in the save the children bill is a small tiny paragraph on the 1,537th page that says signing this bill will kill the dolphins. No one reads the bills that are signed into law and they’re far too complicated.
How would you feel about simplifying them immensely?
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2021.10.25 19:44 Mental_Watercress_94 Did this for my mate @uwubeast46 on tiktok anyway it could be better?

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2021.10.25 19:44 TheBeachHeads Been playing 6 months. Who gets the Tabards?

Still pretty new and I only have cRigard, Ursena and Proteus fully leveled. I also have enough trap tools to level Tiburtus (or Merlin). Thanks for the input!
View Poll
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2021.10.25 19:44 MegaManTheMighty Am I the only who has been pretty satisfied with all of the DLC characters?

I honestly don't have much to complain about the DLC characters, I've been pretty satisfied with all 12 of them. Sure some choices might have been hard to digest for some (especially Byleth since he's yet another Fire Emblem character, althought he's not a clone) but overall I found them satisfying gameplay wise (maybe a bit less with Terry as I still have difficulties in mastering him, but aside that). Am I the only one who feels that way?
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2021.10.25 19:44 AshleyMeyer77 Barenaked Ladies' Ed Robertson turns 51 today

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2021.10.25 19:44 IT313 Why do they keep insisting I have a delinquent account?

So I'm in the process of getting a clearance. The applicant processing team at the agency I've applied at e-mailed me letting me know that I have a delinquent account for a certain expenditure, and to provide proof of payment. I told them that it might be a mix-up with someone else because I have no delinquent accounts (I even checked my online banking), and to check by SSN. They replied saying that the credit checks are already done by SSN and again, to provide proof of payment for the delinquency. I just got my credit reports from all three Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and none of them have that delinquent charge, nor any more accounts that I have. I don't understand why they keep insisting on this, but I would greatly appreciate if any of you can give me advice on how to approach this. Obviously first step is maybe sharing the results of the credit reports.
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2021.10.25 19:44 Wannayeet69 Valve how the hell would I craft the head taker with this?

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2021.10.25 19:44 brownnoodles How to calm down and keep your mind straight during sex?

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2021.10.25 19:44 treatmyyeet i literally never ever do this but

anyone wanna chat? im 17f. not looking for friends just a chat rn
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2021.10.25 19:44 GTAclipster Boating GTA style

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2021.10.25 19:44 teethekidd HOW DID WE GET HERE?!?! (HOUSE OF ASHES 3)

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2021.10.25 19:44 SocialMedia-News Clubhouse will soon let you pin links to the top of rooms

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