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Buying all characters

2021.10.25 19:10 Iron_Oddity Buying all characters

As someone with the base game and no dlc as of yet. What’s the most efficient way of unlocking all the dlc characters?
Is there, or will there be an option to get all dlc with one purchase? Thanks
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2021.10.25 19:10 Radiant-Yak500 Private international law

Hello! I’m from Russia and currently I’m doing research about private international law of Papua New Guinea. It’s pretty hard to find the right acts. I know there is online legal base but I couldn’t find the right ones, it’s a mess. If there are lawyers from PNG here could you provide me with proper names of the acts. Thank you!
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2021.10.25 19:10 DarkSoulCarlos Question about easter eggs.

From what I can tell iZombie is not connected to the mainstream DC continuity, yet in the show they name drop Batman, they show various DC comics covers depicting Wonder Woman, Superman, batman, Justice League, one of the covers even has Darkseid's name on it (the Wonder Woman comic). Do these references not indicate that they are in the same universe? On the Flash tv Show, Cisco name drops iZombie as well. People will say that they are mentioning them as fictional characters, but is that not the case with other shows and movies in the DCEU? On Titans I see characters with a Superman shirt on, in Shazam Billy's room has Batman and Superman memorabilia, and they show Justice League toys in Shazam. How is that different? Is it the fact that on iZombie, they are shown as comic book characters, and that makes them fictional without the context of that show? Isn't showing a toy, or clothing, just any merchandise in general also making the character out to be fictional? I'd love to hear your input on this. Thank you for your time :)
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2021.10.25 19:10 majesticrolle When everyone is selling, I’m buying

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2021.10.25 19:10 Emotional-Chipmunk12 HQ had way too much plot armor in TSS.

I know they wanted to keep her alive because she’s so marketable, but she survived a lot of crazy things that should’ve killed her in an instant.
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2021.10.25 19:10 grassytree3264 Why didn't I get a code in my email?

So like a lot of people I went to this website to get one of the shiny legendary dogs. I did this on Friday I think and I entered my email, ticked the box and it said I was done. However, I still haven't gotten a code in my email yet and idk why. It says they would send emails out on Monday, and seeing as it's Monday today I still don't have one and it's kinda annoying. I checked my spam folder, junk folder, and I'm 99% sure I put in the right email. Any ideas as to why I didn't get a code? Any help would be great!
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2021.10.25 19:10 reddit_feed_bot Chad Prather - Accidental Fatal Shooting Turns Alec Baldwin's World Upside Down | Ep 531

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2021.10.25 19:10 Newtoroguelikes45 Fourth run and I beat Nemesis

This game is AMAZING! I love it way more than I thought I would be. This is my first Roguelike game and I heard amazing things about it.
I picked it up last night and after picking it up today after some sleep, on my fourth run I beat Nemesis! It was so much fun but difficult. Can’t wait to go even further!!
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2021.10.25 19:10 here_to_bitch Stop using “we” when you mean “I”

Stop saying “we love it” and “what do we think” when you mean “I love it” and “what do you think”
It’s some dystopian, Anthem type shit
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2021.10.25 19:10 Made-of-magic- Feminism is toxic

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2021.10.25 19:10 DarthAglen Removing all problems of crypto - Divi Project

Divi is a project that is transforming finance and also removing all cryptos problems. They are also making crypto more accessible, safe and easy to use for everyone. One of the many things DIVI can be used for is also earning passive income. You can do this with their masternodes or staking vaults. Their masternodes are powered by MOCCI, their 1 click masternode installer and require no technical knowladge to setup. You can also use their staking vaults which take just a few seconds to setup. You can do this on their Mobile Divi Wallet. It's currently listed on quite a few exchanges which also include Bitmax, KuCoin and a few more.
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2021.10.25 19:10 wripzz New memes for Imdontai v65

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2021.10.25 19:10 Captain-Super1 Is it worth having mage hand before getting the feat telekinetic?

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2021.10.25 19:10 kassus-deschain138 Which NPC(s) is/are your favorite?

The dialogue and writing in this game is outstanding. It really endeared me to specific characters. My favorite is Carmen Imagawa. The potential banter between her and my charactefollowers was awesome. Especially when we get into it over codenames. So? Who stands out to you and why?
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2021.10.25 19:10 97ryte New unreleased picture from the Twilight set

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2021.10.25 19:10 pant_eater In 1988, 3 Showbiz Pizza restaurants installed... Yogi Bear??

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2021.10.25 19:10 LilRummy21 Random Size Fantasy (Growth Edition)

Random Growth Adventure
A growth version of the shrinking die table I made.
How did it happen? Use a ten sided dice (herein known as a d10) 1. Witchcraft! 2. A Foul Curse! 3. A Magical Potion! 4. The Wish! 5. A Shrink Ray! 6. The Portal! 7. Random Mutation! 8. The Serum! 9. A virus! 10. That Time I got Reincarnated As A Giant! Where did it happen? 1. At home 2. At school 3. A Work 4. At a densely populated city 5. You're transported to a sword and sorcery fantasy realm 6. You're transported to a sci-fi planet 7. You're transported to the past 8. Where ever you want
Knowledge of Growth: Use a six sided dice (herein known as a d6) 1: Nobody knows what growing entails. 2: You knows what growing entails. 3: Someone of your choice knows what shrinking entails. 4: Both of you know what growing entails but nobody else. 5: Growth is a recent phenomena; people have a general idea what it entails. 6: Growing is a common part of life; people have a comprehensive of what it entails.
The scale of Growth: Use a d6. 1: Double your normal height. 2: Triple your normal height. 3: Your height in feet * ten is your new height. 4: Your height in feet * twenty 5: Your height in feet * one-hundred 6: Your height in feet * one-thousand
The speed of Growth: Use a d8. (an eight sided dice. Yes, they exist.) 1: You gradually arrive at your new height within a year. 2: You gradually arrive at your new height within a week. 3: You gradually arrive at your new height within a day. 4: Your height grows in random spurts and arrives at your final size within a year. 5: Your height grows in random spurts and arrives at your final size within a week. 6: Your height grows in random spurts and arrives at your final within a day. 7: You begin negotiations already at final height. 8: You will instantly grow to final size at a random point over the next year.
(Skip Advantages if your new size is good enough for you) The advantages of growth: Use a d10. Roll it d10 times or until you roll a 1, whichever occurs first. 1: No advantages other than the power to subvert the physical laws that would otherwise prevent it. This state is implied in all subsequent states. 2: Crush Control. You can choose whether your full weight or strength crushes a person or object. 3: Tiny Sense. You can locate the closest tiny to you no matter what barrier stands between them and you. 4: Size Control. You can alter your size anywhere between your starting height and your final height at a whim. If you grow in a space to small to accommodate you that space is destroyed. 5: Perfect Metabolism. You can eat and drink just about any substance and draw out useful components. 6: Invincible. No mortal weapon can cause you harm. 7: You gain a pair of wings that can carry you and half your body weight. The wings can be retracted into the back and have a varied appearance among different individuals. 8: Cult Following. A group of followers believe you are a god that must be worshipped and appeased. 9: Gigantism: Multiply your final height by 100. 10: Power. You posses limited supernatural powers fueled by either science or magic. You possess telekinesis (as strong as you are), weather control, telepathy, and the ability to manipulate the size of others.
The disadvantages of Shrinking: Use a d10. Roll it d10 times or until you roll a 1, whichever occurs first. 1: No disadvantages unique to your state. You're still small and have the proportionate strength and durability. 2: Human Diet. You can only survive by feasting on your weight in humans daily. 3: Monstrous. Tinies are stricken with fear at the sight of you and cannot grow to like or love you. 4: Lumbering. Your movements are slower and exaggerated to compensate for your increased size. 5: Mastermind. There is another actor truly behind your growth and they can compel you to act in their interests. 6: Beastie. Your increased size comes with decreased intelligence and inflated aggression. 7: Recharge. You must shrink back to your normal height one week every month. Leaving you vulnerable to any enemies you've made as a giant. 8: Rival. Another giant seeks to defeat you and proclaim themselves your better. They posses the same advantages as you as well as an additional advantage. 9: Hunted. A group of tinies you've wrong (or simply feel as though you should not exist) are after you. They posses weapons capable of harming you (if you are not invincible), and are working on a means to shrink you to normal height for good. 10: Tiring. Your newfound height requires incredible expenditures of energy which leaves you lethargic. You are only active for 4 hours a day.
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2021.10.25 19:10 Zaturdayz Nick 420 😶‍🌫️

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2021.10.25 19:10 Hurricane1123 Winds of Winter Release Date Through Third Power Polynomial Trendline Analysis (Spoilers Extended)

Winds of Winter Release Date Through Third Power Polynomial Trendline Analysis (Spoilers Extended) Yes, I know we've been down this rabbit hole many times before and I'm aware that there is absolutely zero mathematical correlation between George R. R. Martin's writing speed and a polynomial analysis... however, I am insane man who has access to Excel and uses math on a full time basis. Might as well use this gift (a curse, truly) to dig myself deeper into this slaver pit of insanity. Here is a polynomial graphical analysis that shows when the Winds of Winter will finally be published for the masses to enjoy! (Insert laugh track here)
Using the actual release dates of the first 5 books, a third power polynomial equation seemed like the best way to go in terms of predicting when Book 6 would be released. A second power polynomial curve was saying that Winds of Winter would be published in 2018. That ship sailed long ago.
I'm not sure if the equation is legible for you guys, but the equation I used to trend predict the follow up books is:
y = (66.519*x^3)-(314.66*x^2)+(1218.5*x)+34321
Based on this equation, The Winds of Winter will be released on April 21, 2022 and A Dream of Spring (oh you sweet Summer child) will be released on July 27, 2037.

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2021.10.25 19:10 Background_Gas_3606 Habe das auf Facebook gesehen. So wahr.

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2021.10.25 19:10 dirkisgod [OFFER] OKCOIN - $80 total - 50$ from them in BTC and $30 from me (limited time offer) (USA, Europe, World)

OKCoin are one of the first-ever Bitcoin exchanges in crypto, founded in 2013. They are globally licensed exchange, with offices around the world. They allow both crypto buying and trading, as well as staking under the earn section.
The platform is simple, but has some interesting services, like "Earn", where you can deposit coins and get paid very competitive interest on them. I currently stake DOT and STX here and works perfect.
Current bonuses
Friend's bonus - $50 in BTC

They offer a $50 reward in BTC for depositing at least $100 in fiat (or equivalent in local currency) and then buying at least $100 worth of crypto for any crypto .
Fiat deposits
US based users: they have a seamless system for US bank deposits, where they're credited very fast and you can even buy USDC.
Europe(including UK) users: they have EUR SEPA transfers.
You can also buy directly with a bank card - it is instant.
  • $bid for referral link
  • Sign up & Deposit at least $100 in local currency and make a $100 trade or BUY directly via card
  • A $50 reward in BTC will be credited within 1/2 days. This reward will become available to withdraw after 180 days.
  • I'll send you $30 from my end via Cashapp / Revolut
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2021.10.25 19:10 elee0228 Ghislaine Dedoldia (@iah_fy) [Mushoku Tensei]

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2021.10.25 19:10 Otherwise_Basis_6328 Tobacco - Face Breakout

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2021.10.25 19:10 Jimbuub Alberta Updates Vaccine QR Codes to Support Apple Wallet on iPhone

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2021.10.25 19:10 BoroMonokli Yeonmi Park deja vu moment

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