2021.10.25 20:05 christinejang 2021 UCI PHI BETA KAPPA BOOK AWARD INVITATION

I received the invitation. Is it worth to go?
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2021.10.25 20:05 TheHawksEyeNews One of the many complaints submitted to Kyle City Manager, leading to City Manager being sued in Hays County District Court.

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2021.10.25 20:05 Fachowww Greedent's healing is OP

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2021.10.25 20:05 Jofkay should i stop caring or did i well and need to be patient or did i Bad and should forget about it

So i saw a very beautiful and nice Waitress on a Wedding. Didn't wanted to ask herself to not make her feel uncomfortable and force her into a quick choice. So i went to the Bar and talked to her coworker i asked her if she could tell me what age the waitress i was looking for was and about her Name. Since they didn't work for long time together she couldn't tell me her Age nor her full name. Then i asked her i if i can leave my Instagram Name on a note that she would give her and if shes interested into meeting someone she can just leave a Follow, like a picture or just watch my Story. Afterwards i uploaded a Story of me in my Outfit that she could be sure who i was.
I watched patiently who viewed my Story Yes , my Profile ist public.
all this is now 48 h ago.
What do u guys think, and if ur a Girl could u rate my method and add ur Age cause i have no idea if im behaving to childish or not .
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2021.10.25 20:05 Pristine_Acadia You find a teenage boy in your house for a late night rendezvous with your teenage daughter. How do you respond?

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2021.10.25 20:05 DifficultyOk5061 Is my nose big ?

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2021.10.25 20:05 jumpingspider01 ID Request: Who would make this nest?

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2021.10.25 20:05 gwcoep_bot Lake Sils in Switzerland during Autumn

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2021.10.25 20:05 ApepeApepeApepe Self improvement

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2021.10.25 20:05 AltruisticAd8596 ma lili pi ma Tuki (Sorted by their codes)

01: ma Atana (Adana) 02: ma Asijaman (Adıyaman) 03: ma Ajonkawisa (Afyonkarahisar) 04: ma Awi (Ağrı) 05: ma Amasija (Amasya) 06: ma Ankawa (Ankara) 07: ma Antaja (Antalya) 08: ma Asiwin (Artvin) 09: ma Awisin (Aydın) 10: ma Pakesi (Balıkesir) 11: ma Pilesi (Bilecik) 12: ma Pinko (Bingöl) 13: ma Pilisi (Bitlis) 14: ma Polu (Bolu) 15: ma Putu (Burdur) 16: ma Pusa (Bursa) 17: ma Sanakale (Çanakkale) 18: ma Sanki (Çankırı) 19: ma Sorun (Çorum) 20: ma Tenili (Denizli) 21: ma Sijapaki (Diyarbakır) 22: ma Esine (Edirne) 23: ma Elasi (Elazığ) 24: ma Esinsan (Erzincan) 25: ma Esurun (Erzurum) 26: ma Ekisewi (Eskişehir) 27: ma Kasijante (Gaziantep) 28: ma Kiwesun (Giresun) 29: ma Kumusane (Gümüşhane) 30: ma Akawi (Hakkari) 31: ma Atawi (Hatay) 32: ma Ipata (Isparta) 33: ma Mesin (Mersin) 34: ma Itanpu (İstanbul) 35: ma Isumi (İzmir) 36: ma Kasu (Kars) 37: ma Katamu (Kastamonu) 38: ma Kasewi (Kayseri) 39: ma Kilali (Kırklareli) 40: ma Kisewi (Kırşehir) 41: ma Koseli (Kocaeli) 42: ma Konja (Konya) 43: ma Kutaja (Kütahya) 44: ma Malasija (bruh) (Malatya) 45: ma Manisa 46: ma Kamarasi (ante ma Marasi) [(Kahraman)maraş] 47: ma Masin (Mardin) 48: ma Mula (Muğla) 49: ma Musi (Muş) 50: ma Nesewi (Nevşehir) 51: ma Nite (Niğde) 52: ma Otu (Ordu) 53: ma Wise (Rize) 54: ma Sakaja (Sakarya) 55: ma Sansun (Samsun) 56: ma Siwisi (Siirt) 57: ma Sino (Sinop) 58: ma Siwasu (Sivas) 59: ma Tekita (Tekirdağ) 60: ma Toka (Tokat) 61: ma Towason (Trabzon) 62: ma Tunseli (Tunceli) 63: ma Sanlijupa (ante ma Upa) [(Şanlı)urfa] 64: ma Usa (Uşak) 65: ma Wan (bruh) (Van) 66: ma Josuka (Yozgat) 67: ma Sonkuta (Zonguldak) 68: ma Akusalawi (Aksaray) 69: ma Pawipu (Bayburt) 70: ma Kawaman (Karaman) 71: ma Kikale (Kırıkkale) 72: ma Paman (Batman) 73: ma Siwina (Şırnak) 74: ma Patin (Bartın) 75: ma Atawan (Ardahan) 76: ma Iwisi (Iğdır) 77: ma Jalowa (Yalova) 78: ma Kalapu (Karabük) 79: ma Kili (Kilis) 80: ma Omani (Osmaniye) 81: ma Tuse (Düzce)
A feedback would be nice
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2021.10.25 20:05 Mbiistm Is this a good deal? 3 Kleins for $19.88?

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2021.10.25 20:05 sparkmonks Retired parents notified of DMCA-related termination

Hello all - hoping someone can direct me on how best to approach this.
My mother just forwarded me a text message she received from CenturyLink notifying her of service termination and asking that she call 877.273.0448. She received an earlier text from the same number on October 3rd, but thought it was spam and ignored. She said that they have not received any calls from CenturyLink.
Both texts reference DMCA violations and mention that details were sent to a Centurytel email. They haven't used that email in years and don't have access.
The texts appear legit to me and reference a valid CenturyLink phone number. I got a voicemail when I called that line earlier, but will try them again tomorrow to resolve.
CenturyLink is the only ISP in their area. They are in their 70s, but use the internet to keep in touch with family, deal with medical issues, etc. Losing access would be a mess..
Can anyone tell me what to expect?
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2021.10.25 20:05 Zealousideal-Paint18 Please help me

So my girlfriend is a freak she’s into all sorts of kinky shit but she said if I get her pregnant she wants to keep it and she wants me to tie her up and leave her outside I just wanna know if this will harm the baby in any way
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2021.10.25 20:05 foiegras17 33 [M4F] Random stuff

Anyone wanna take a chance on an average at best looking guy? SFW or NSFW is okay.
I'm 171cm. Lives in QC. Had pandemic weight gain problems but working on it (going back to the gym now that its allowed). Can drive/pick you up if ever you wanna meet to have coffee or something. Fully vaccinated. I'm not an a*hole and I don't bite.
I prefer someone who's fun to talk to. Pro/anti who ever that politician is, i dont mind and i dont care. Okay lang sakin kahit ano pero let's not talk about politics. Someone who's fully vaccinated (para pwede to grab food, coffee and/or 2 bots). Lives nearby.
HMU! Thank you!
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2021.10.25 20:05 itselina hello

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2021.10.25 20:05 Ssnnooz tired of being called trans

my friends in highschool make jokes about me being the only straight person in the friend group, i think it's funny and i joke about it too. But every single time, SOMEONE chimes in with "but at least you aren't cis" and then they make jokes about that.
I don't wanna be seen as trans, i don't want my identity to be not being cis. It makes me feel so dysphoric and uncomfortable . id rather ignore that part of me
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2021.10.25 20:05 reddit_feed_bot The Epoch Times: Happiest Place on Earth? Disneyland Ticket Prices Rise Again

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2021.10.25 20:05 Ultima_Reddit Either way I’m happy

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2021.10.25 20:05 impvespec How would you change Zeus to make him a viable option?

I saw a thread before talking about Zeus not getting picked in TI, obviously he has high damage but his short comings are too great when a hero can jump on him and spank him back to fountain.
And all these other high damage nukes that can do what Zeus does but more, he needs something a little extra.
But what would you change about Zeus, whilst keeping his identity and make him potentially more desirable for the competitive scene.
One thought I had would be to remove his current passive, instead add a 300 radius lightning ring around him that destroys projectiles that pass though it, and also stuns for 1 second and deals damage to enemies that walk through it. Ring lasts about 5 ish seconds. Also with a passive element on it that increases Zeus's lighting damage by 25% per stack on enemies hit by his spells lasting 5-10 secs.
His shard would still give him his mini jump, but instead of rooting a target in the distance would now also apply a ring around the nearest enemy within 1200 range even without vision.
So I feel these changes mostly have him play the same, but now when you commit to a Zeus kill, he's going to start ramping up those damage stacks quickly, your going to get mini stunned, taking more stacks and damage and then he's going to ult for a huge pop on the enemies that have been hit for a few times.
It makes him more dangerous to be around, with atleast some potential of getting hit by the mini stun setting Zeus up for another wave of spells to try quickly polish someone off.
And could potentially get early rosh kills with that stacking debuff if someone tanks.
And suggestions of your own?
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2021.10.25 20:05 TheAmazingAaren Fact or cap?

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2021.10.25 20:05 biggdaddybubba I’m back pilots.

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2021.10.25 20:05 fasterturbo ITAP of boats in Cornwall

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2021.10.25 20:05 TheAshtonium All Star Brawl but there's way too many voice lines

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2021.10.25 20:05 lilyrosexox Do you need to bring a physical copy of your health card to a doctors appointment?

I have an allergist appointment but i don’t have my physical health card on me. Can i use a clear photo of it and still be covered by OHIP?
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2021.10.25 20:05 Br3gans Hardcastle & AG Sully, unedited (IR Chrome)

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