Corsair Fan Control

2021.12.01 18:36 ChaddersTheSage Corsair Fan Control

I have the Corsair H100I Elite Capellix Cooler which has 6 fans in total connected to it. Its plugged into the Pum_Fan1 Port on the PC. ICUE works fine however I want to use SignalRGB, issue is Signal doesn't have fan control, am I being dumb or there software out there that I can create a fan curve?
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2021.12.01 18:36 linuxhasfsdfds 🔥 Simplifying Cryptocurrency Through E-Learning and 1:1 Tutoring to Empower & Transform Knowledge Into Wealth 🔥

🔥 Simplifying Cryptocurrency Through E-Learning and 1:1 Tutoring to Empower & Transform Knowledge Into Wealth 🔥

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2021.12.01 18:36 Mcgoo186 Not gonna lie…

After doing Grubhub full-time over a year, with additional experience with DoorDash and UberEats. I can confidently say, they should make some people retest for their drivers license. Sooooo many have clearly forgot how to properly drive it’s ridiculous.
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2021.12.01 18:36 desertflower27 Knight of the Apocalypse

You’ve heard the stories…White knights galloping up on an unsuspecting damsel in distress, rescuing her from all her worries and woes. What they don’t tell you is that when you get older, those pretending to be white knights can ride into your life on their different horses, bringing pain and suffering with them, destroying you and everything you’ve ever fought for.
Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted someone to swoop in and save me. When we met, I thought that was going to be you. You rode up on your white horse, striking me with cupid’s arrow. You left me lovesick, craving more. You obliged. I couldn’t resist your conquest. Within a month, you were crowned victorious. My heart, my body, and my mind, were your winnings. They were never enough for you though. I was never enough.
Come to find out, I was not a prize that could satiate your thirst. You continued your conquests while redirecting my loving gaze. Your “love” was my disease. It eroded trust, sickened my heart, and deprived my soul. I caught it too late since I was already plagued with pregnancy.
You always liked to remind me of how you’re changing. You though I didn’t see it. I did. It was sometime after our son was born, that you rode home on a new stead. A red Shire, with your weapon carried at the side. A sword forged in projection, deflection, humiliation, contempt, and stonewall. You were shocked at my resilience, but that only furthered your determination. I was to bow down before you and hand over the spoils or die in battle. Little did you know, it was a battlefield I knew well. I strategized and planned every move I made. I will admit I had the tactical advantage. You however, acted on impulse, and that’s what made you the most dangerous. A wild card with nothing to lose whose target was painted on my back. I may have one some battles, but I needed to win the war. My prize? My independence. Our interdependence. Our son’s future.
A war that rages on for years is costly. The devastating consequences it can have on the home can beinsurmountable. You’re not the type to play fair either. You don’t care about the destruction left in your wake. You inflicted the deepest of wounds so readily, there was no time to heal the older ones. They’d reopen and fester. Blood boiling and a fever spiking; I’m lucky I didn’t die right there. That’s when you decided to upgrade, brandishing a new black horse.
You deprived me of basic human respect and reciprocity, yet you sat proudly upon your high horse. Seeing you hold yourself with such honor while denying mine just increased my hunger for justice, equality, and life. I fought for them with every last drop of blood, sweat, and tears I had left in me until I was nothing but a shell of the woman I was when we met. I knew the tides where turning and it wasn’t in my favor. That is when you decided to deliver your final devastating blow. With your sword in hand, climbing down from a now pale horse, you struck me to the ground. I laid there for what felt like an eternity. Soon after, you threw the sword down beside me. I flinched. You scoffed, circling me. As you reached my side, you knelt down. With a deep breath, you took one final gaze at the bloodied battlefield. Expecting more brutality from you, I tensed inside my shell. Curling my fingers into a fist, I readied to defend myself, even at this very end. This was it, the final showdown. Yet, everything froze in that moment. The air, the wind, and my breath. Except you. Your face, it changed. It softened. Water filled your eyes as confusion and fear filled my mind. In the stillness and quiet, you leaned forward, placing the most delicate kiss on my forehead. It was the kiss of death.
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2021.12.01 18:36 ashleyu2 Anybody else's marketplace not working, only on the page where you buy credits???

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2021.12.01 18:36 amnesiac7 Jeffrey Epstein introduced me to Trump at 14, Ghislaine Maxwell accuser says

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2021.12.01 18:36 Bubbles0817 Has anyone had bad experiences getting piercings caught on things?

My last job was at a very intense psychiatric hospital. They strongly recommended only wearing studs if you had nipple or naval piercings, and if you had neither they strongly encouraged that you didn't get them at all. Now I'm working for home health and hospice, and I'm wondering how risky it would be to get a naval piercing. At this job, no one is trying to punch me or tear piercings out (I literally had a patient try and rip my nose piercing out at my last job), buuuuut I do lift people up.
Anyways, do any of you guys have naval piercings? If so would you advise against it, or would it be fairly safe to get one while working in this field?
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2021.12.01 18:36 Druidica Oh bother...

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2021.12.01 18:36 TD4LC [OC] How the Bengals Offense is SHREDDING defenses

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2021.12.01 18:36 red_eye1999 Nothing is giving me a satisfied appetite feeeling no matter what i eat. Whats ur comfort food?

I dont want to eat because nothing sounds good in my bead, nth brings me comfort or happiness from eating. All i keep thinking is even if i eat it feels like sth hasnt been satiated.
What do u suggest i try to make me happy? I really want sth warm and filling and savory.
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2021.12.01 18:36 VoteForMartinKendell Missing Person

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2021.12.01 18:36 Vast-Implement-3542 step sister (30f) likes to bone me [30m]

So yeah.. basically my step sister is being a freak. she cooks me clothes, eats my pants, eats discord servers, and shits on reddits.
So this is how its goona be huh
the relationship lasts 3 yrs
tldr; my step sister gives me boners
Wait, you thought this would make a difference?
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2021.12.01 18:36 v087_art [For Hire] Available for commissions in a variety of anime art styles. Can do Art style Emulations; vTubers; Twitch Emotes, Fanart or OC’s; Nsfw or Sfw; and more - All info in the comments

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2021.12.01 18:36 emriverawriter What is the weirdest thing your pet ever did?

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2021.12.01 18:36 Zen-bunny Anybody else?

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2021.12.01 18:36 Eil88 Three Days Wonder

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2021.12.01 18:36 HissyTheDab dOn7 CLIP into the FL0000000000 (The Backroom Review)

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2021.12.01 18:36 Hambino0400 They both lead to the same trash can

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2021.12.01 18:36 InksplashGraphics Inksplash Graphics: Algo Rams, Ram County, Group 2 (DEC 1, 2PM PST)

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2021.12.01 18:36 photonsarefun KWWNM

So I'm planning a trip up to the katahdin woods and waters NM in February for some xc skiing and snowshoeing. I've never been there but it sounds great. I realize how remote it is and that's fine. I may even check out the IAT. Any suggested hikes/trails that are accessible in the dead of winter? Worth my time?? Thxs
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2021.12.01 18:36 Aggravating-Alarm762 School Days

New poster who signed up after seeing Ashley and Spencer at South Park (mall in south Charlotte no relation to TV show) minor TMI but I went to school with Ashley and her family and I think it’s time a few teas get spilled specifically:
Even back then Art had wandering eyes to the point of giving the girls in the grade above Hope’s jobs at the Chick-fil-A with minimal interview/training to try to get them to be his mistress when they became legal.
Lysa downplayed the difficulty of adopting the adopted Terks which caused the former science teacher trouble when she decided to adopt like Ly$a did. Unfortunately as anyone with adoption knows kids who are adopted can come with problems and this kid had mental health issues that led to tantrums, hitting the teacher and her husband and molesting the teachers biological daughter. Naturally ly$a said nothing because this was around the time her adopted son was having legal problems
Ly$a seems to think that being Proverbs 31 means she’s a bonafide celebrity and was very egotistical trying to get power. One of these powers was trying to befriend a former news anchor when her kid started attending the school. Said friendship backfired when the news anchor had her former employer come to the school to cover a 13 year old male student who molested a kindergarten and a few other students. Naturally Ly$a pretended they weren’t friends just like she pretended she didn’t advise the headmistresses daughter to have sex with her boyfriend over Christmas as a way of deterring Arts interest (thankfully she didn’t have sex and Art dropped the subject)
Anything else just let me know
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2021.12.01 18:36 _JacksonFTW_ Zekrom on me 6113 8292 5606 hurry

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2021.12.01 18:36 Alcibiadessimp IM DOING MY PART

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2021.12.01 18:36 2020_artist The price is dropping because fidelity wants this to hurt

They shot themselves in the foot and now the whole town is laughing so they've decided to poison the town well.
This feels like an old time comedy joke spaghetti Western slapstick musical.
Sheriff Cohen is about to kick the saloon doors open and lay down the law. He might even sing 60s music while he does it.
When there's huge buy-ins, the rising price action is counteracted in all kinds of ways. The SEC confirmed this in their report. But you can bet your bottom dollar (ha) Fidelity report every micropenny of downward action that results from their customers leaving. You're seeing it live folks, a monetary monolith throwing a tantrum. I'm taking you all down with me it screams as it's doom arrives too swiftly. And the cohorting comonoliths, realizing what is happening, quietly help things along because it fits in with their agenda too.
Fat fuk chance, lmayo
Guess that means I need to buy more shares through computer share!!
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2021.12.01 18:36 meme446 First SO YTP Baby!

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