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Les français qui avez-vous écouter cette année?

2021.12.01 19:11 distrubution Les français qui avez-vous écouter cette année?

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2021.12.01 19:11 RegisterIll3007 Elon Musk needs to hype Shib up just like doge

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2021.12.01 19:11 Apart_Advantage6256 And we never spoke again

I once asked a fellow co-worker of she listens to emo to see if she wanted to exchange instagram info. She responded with a scoff and a "ew no. My parents love me"
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2021.12.01 19:11 flukemmviii [Request] UK (Scotland) looking for an exchange with Germany

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2021.12.01 19:11 picard088 In addition to his free porn sites, Watkins also owned video-movie.com, an online porn DVD/download store that sold not only porn published through his Race Queen Inc company, but also videos featuring prominent porn stars like Hollie Stevens & Goldie Jackson. Video-movie still sits on his servers.

This means that, if those DVDs and downloads did not consist of pirated scenes, Watkins has a history of human trafficking, and at one time had pretty strong connections in the porn business.
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2021.12.01 19:11 FourGreenLeafs Kirito vs Haseo (Sword Art Online vs .hack)-Lone wolf beta testers of an MMORPG that traps players

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2021.12.01 19:11 GMH29 [Academic] Wellness Checkup (All +18)

I would appreciate it if you could take the time to take my survey for school.
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2021.12.01 19:11 Buniiiiii Help with stars above/eternity mode summoner compatibility

I might just be dumb but as a summoner in eternity mode, whenever you use a weapon with a damage type other than summon damage you get a damage penalty on all summons. Stars above let’s you switch between damage types for every weapon in the mod with the stellar array, however when I switch it to summon damage I get the debuff that reduces the damage regardless.
So two questions, first would be is there a way to fix this? And second would be that if there isn’t, is there a way to disable this debuff in eternity mode? 🥲
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2021.12.01 19:11 Mandrake_m2 Sandbox’s collaboration with Atari is a game changer.

It’s gonna serve as an initiative for more major gaming companies like Rockstar or Tencent to start entering the NFT market.
And it’s not just Sandbox, there are other NFT gaming platforms like ATRI that are being inspired by Atari and are creating an Atari themed NFT marketplace with Atari themed games and collectibles.
If these projects keep pushing out these high numbers, it would only be a matter of time before the major gaming companies gear up to enter the NFT market and from there mainstream status will be inevitable.
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2021.12.01 19:11 Fuwa-42- New seer skin?

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2021.12.01 19:11 dyarart "1st Painting", Me, Acrylic 18x24, 2016

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2021.12.01 19:11 NubaMountains Can I ask you guys for some help trying to understand some of these prefixed verbs and phrases they're found in?

So I have a book which lists a bunch of prefixed verbs with the root ad. It lists a bunch of phrases or collocations with these verbs too, which I am having trouble understanding. Here they are:

Belead apait-anyait
Eladja magát/a lelkét/a becsületét
Feladja a harcot
Feladja a leckét
Kiadja az útját
Kiadja a lelkét
Megadja magát a sorsnak/sorsának
Does anyone happen to know what these mean? Kiadja a lelkét I understand seems to be some sort of euphemistic way to say 'to die'. Feladja a leckét would appear to mean 'giving someone a difficult task.' Is Kiadja az útját to reject someone? Like, telling someone to 'kick rocks' sort of, in English (not that they resemble each other, but it might have the same meaning).
The rest I'm a bit lost on. Anyone have any suggestions?
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2021.12.01 19:11 thomascarmona READ IF YOU CAN’T LAUNCH FROM STEAM!!

after hours of sifting through useless YouTube videos telling me to run as administrator and verify game files I finally did something that made the game launch for me.
update your C++ files. Not only getting the new x64 but the x86 for 2022. if this doesn’t work and you’ve tried everything else then rip brother… you’re at steams mercy.
The downloads for x64 and x86 are under “Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022”
C++ Updates/Downloads
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2021.12.01 19:11 MrrCookieman How much time did we spent in the musical realm fellow infps?

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2021.12.01 19:11 Alert_Doughnut_4619 My top 5 artists

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2021.12.01 19:11 noonoocute09 Does Chucky have PTSD from the weapons and stuff used to kill him with?

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2021.12.01 19:11 Killajaga me_irl

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2021.12.01 19:11 Cool-Dream5193 Reshiram add 0320 3123 9206

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2021.12.01 19:11 TinkerFeathers PS2 Slim still won't read CD or PS1 disks after laser replacement.

One of the PS2 Slims (SCPH-70012) I am working on can only read DVD disks, not CD or PS1 disks. I have already tried adjusting both potentiometers, cleaning the ribbon cable, and even used a laser from a tested working unit (that was able to read all disks) all to no avail. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.01 19:11 TextbookSucky Thought this would be good to post here.

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2021.12.01 19:11 scoutseyScourtsey Check this out LMAOOO

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2021.12.01 19:11 Greasy_Troll Most Discoloured Power Bar in History

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2021.12.01 19:11 Reasonable_Athlete26 It’s drake or nothing

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2021.12.01 19:11 Birbboips4 Say hi to King! (He's a good boy 😀)

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2021.12.01 19:11 KGARRETT-_- Thanks for "helping" with my INTERNET!!!

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