California legal 40 round magazine. Don't let your state become California.

2021.12.01 18:59 samsal03 California legal 40 round magazine. Don't let your state become California.

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2021.12.01 18:59 exchangenewb Telegraf service question

Hello linuxquestions,
I am trying to get Telegraf to run as a service. It seems to run okay from the path itself but when I start it from a service it fails.
Details of the telegraf unit file

[Unit] Description=The plugin-driven server agent for reporting metrics into InfluxDB Documentation= [Service] EnvironmentFile=-/home/usetelegraf/telegraf User=telegraf ExecStart=/home/usetelegraf/usbin/telegraf -config /home/guzmanej/telegraf/etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf -config-directory /home/usetelegraf/etc/telegraf/tele>ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID Restart=on-failure RestartForceExitStatus=SIGPIPE KillMode=control-group [Install] 

Error with systemctl status telegraf.service

 telegraf.service - The plugin-driven server agent for reporting metrics into InfluxDB Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/telegraf.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Wed 2021-12-01 16:54:44 EST; 857ms ago Docs: Process: 256208 ExecStart=/home/usetelegraf/usbin/telegraf -config /home/usetelegraf/etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf -config-directory /home/usetelegraf.conf & $TELEGRAF_OPTS (code=exited, status=217/USER) Main PID: 256208 (code=exited, status=217/USER) ~ 
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It is 01-December 21:59. I am disappointed.
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2021.12.01 18:59 DrBlackJack21 Of Men and Dragons, Book 2 Chapter 44

Of Men and Dragons, Book 2 Chapter 44
As usual, I'm grateful for any and all input you all might have to give, the good and the bad. From the beginning, all of you have been helping to make this a better story. From your thoughts and input to simple grammatical fixes, it all helps this story be the best it can be. All that being said, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!
Where it all started: Book 1, chapter 1
Book 2, Chapter 1

S'haar Or maybe that's a better Em'brel? Lacking a bit of muscle mass I imaging S'haar to have.
Jack's gun had landed close at hand, but with De'haar glaring down at him, he'd never be able to reach it in time. So instead, Jack sat staring up at the argu'n standing over him. He couldn't help but remember how effortlessly this monster had batted aside all of S'aar's attacks with broken swords not even a year ago. Though instead of the manic grin he'd worn before, now S'haar's father seemed to have a somewhat troubled expression as he stared down at the human at his mercy. "Killing you now would be such a waste. I was expecting to have to scale your walls then cut through scores of your guards before finally taking you and my daughter down in an epic battle. Then I saw you riding on the back of that beast and thought maybe this would be a worthy fight. But now I see you're just a cripple hiding behind a barely developed pup and a couple of females. This is all hardly worth my time and I was instructed that I shouldn't kill anyone important...yet. So I should probably just let you go..."
Jack felt like this was all a performance of some kind, though he couldn't figure out who the target audience was. Maybe this whole thing was just for some story playing out in the diseased mind of the maniac in front of him. De'haar was clearly waiting for something, maybe he wanted Jack to beg, or perhaps he was hoping Jack would suicidally lunge for his weapon, giving him the excuse he'd need. Well, Jack wasn't about to play along, so he simply waited patiently, glaring back at his captor, meeting the eyes of the madman with as steady a gaze as he could muster in the situation.
Unfortunately, not everyone or everything present was as patient as Jack... Grim regained his feet, growling at the new threat to his pack. With a sinking feeling, Jack realized what was about to happen next.
Everything seemed to leap into motion at once. Grim launched himself forward, and De'haar's attention shifted to the wolgen. Jack rolled to the side, reaching for his gun. Seeing what was happening, Em'brel grabbed her own spear and started running forward while Sare'en just stared in shock. Jack knew he'd never get a shot off in time to save poor Grim, but he had to try anyway.
To'brel was frozen in place, unsure of how to feel about any of this. Why did the young noble feel like his rescuer was the real monster, and he should be cheering for his captors at this moment?
When he'd first appeared, To'brel had initially been concerned with the safety of Jack and Em'brel. However, he'd quickly realized this male was likely here with his father to save him. But as the male gloated over the now strangely vulnerable Jack, To'brel couldn't help but think of how kind everyone at the outpost had been during his involuntary stay. The noble realized that somewhere deep inside, he was hoping that not only would everyone he'd come to know here survive, but he also almost hoped they'd win.
That was when the monster pup, Grim, leaped at the male. As the male swung his swords, To'brel's stomach clenched, and everything stopped as the noble stared horrified at what was about to happen. Then the world erupted into chaos as a tree sprung up out of nowhere between the wolgen and the male.
Looking closer, To'brel could see it wasn't a tree but a large wooden trunk. It was as if it had been stripped of branches and prepped to be turned into lumber. It took To'brel a moment to replay the impossible situation in his mind to realize the tree had flown down from above, not grown from the ground. He was just starting to look up when a thundering yet vaguely familiar voice filled the air, seeming to come from everywhere at once. "Get away from my brother, you smooth-brained monster!"
Almost immediately after, a giant silver statue came flying down in a manner similar to the trunk. When it hit the ground, it folded down as if crouching, and the ground shook even more violently than it had before. Then, everything froze as the statue straightened itself and stared down at the male.
It was as if one of the gods of legend had flown down from the heavens and stood before them all.
Angela stared down at the threat to her family coldly. "You know, as a rule, I try not to harm intelligent life, but if you are who I think you are, I might be willing to make an exception!"
S'haar and the outpost guards were nearly there, and Angela expected the male to take the opportunity to retreat. What she hadn't considered was the manic glee that seemed to overcome De'haar as he launched himself forward, his eyes dilated in excitement. This monster was clearly insane.
As De'haar swung both swords forward in unison, putting as much power and weight into the attack as he could manage, Angela countered by grabbing both swords mid-flight, stopping their progress immediately in her steel grip. Then, as he started to attempt to draw his blades back, Angela swung her other hand forward, her fingers extended straight, and she shattered the blades right off the handles at the hilt.
De'haar leaped back, showing the first signs of uncertainty as he drew a knife when another unexpected voice interrupted the scene from the direction of the forest. "De'haar, you wolgen hiding in argu'n skin, I told you to wait with the main force until and unless you were needed! This is why I told my father I didn't want you coming with us! We should have left you in the wilds where you belong!"
Walking out of the treeline, followed closely by several guards, came B'arthon. De'haar turned and walked calmly toward the noble, seeming to forget all about the people he'd attacked moments before.
Angela noticed Jack still had his gun out, pointed at De'haar's back. It was clear he was thinking about putting the threat down right here and now. While Angela couldn't fault him, she also noticed the mad man had placed himself right between Jack and B'arthon, and based on what the AI had heard their first engagement, there was a chance, however slight, that he might get out of the way in time to save himself and make Jack kill B'arthon instead. While the AI didn't particularly like the noble, she also didn't think he deserved to die. There was also the matter of starting an all-out war between them and the village if Jack killed the village leader's son.
Angela placed her hand on Jack's and gently pushed the gun downward. Jack only resisted a moment before seeming to come to his senses. He evidently drew the same conclusions Angela had and sighed while lowering the gun the rest of the way. Though the AI noticed he didn't holster the gun or toggle the safety back on.
For his part, De'haar walked right up to B'arthon and started speaking in low tones. They were far enough away no one would be able to hear their exchange. No one except for Angela, that is... "It's not wise to get between a hunter and his prey. You just might find yourself caught up in our scuffle..."
B'arthon's bodyguards looked back and forth in uncertainty, but to his credit, or maybe due to his foolishness, B'arthon stared back coldly. "Yes, yes, you're very big and scary. I'm certain if you chose to, you could kill my bodyguard and myself with little effort."
At this, the noble's guards started reaching for their weapons while De'haar played with his knife, but B'arthon wasn't finished. "But if you do, this whole thing will be called off, and you won't get to have any more fun. Challenging that entire outpost on your own would be suicidal, even for you, and I don't think you're quite as insane as you pretend to be. So make your choice, kill me and be done with it, or get back to the main force and behave yourself. If you do, I might just let you off your leash if and when things start getting interesting."
For a moment, everything grew tense as the two men stared at each other, and it seemed like De'haar might call the nobles bluff. But then the monster sheathed his knife and laughed. "You got a lot of guts for someone so weak! You better watch yourself out there. Things can get really chaotic in a real fight. One of your men might bury a knife in your back when you least expect it!"
With that last not-so-subtle threat, De'haar walked past the noble into the forest behind them, leaving B'arthon glaring at the group that doubled in size now that S'haar and the guards had arrived. He seemed to stop and consider what to do for a moment before walking forward just enough to get within speaking distance, his guards a step behind.
When S'haar and Jack stepped forward, he addressed them calmly. "I formally apologize for the behavior of one of our...guards. He acted against orders. I wish I could say he'd be punished for his behavior, but I think we all know he's nearly impossible to cohere into anything. What I can say is he doesn't represent our wishes or interests at this time. He's more of measure for us."
S'haar, who'd caught her breath while the noble had spoken, replied coldly. "And just why are you here with an army at your back? What are you hoping to accomplish with this show of force?"
B'arthon shook his head. "That's not for me to say. I'm not the one in charge. I'm here in a more...advisory role. But, needless to say, De'haar will not be present during any negotiations."
S'haar's glare sharpened as her voice dripped with acid. "He shouldn't be here at all. Only an idiot would trust that monster to do anything but lash out at everyone around him, friend or foe."
The noble sighed and shrugged. "Not my call. Anyway, get your people back behind your walls. There won't be any further issues for now."
B'arthon then turned his attention to To'brel, who was still trying to wrap his head around everything going on. His expression softened somewhat, and he looked almost sympathetic for a moment. "Hope you learn fast, kid. You won't get a second chance."
With that enigmatic choice of words, B'arthon turned and walked away, leaving everyone wondering at his meaning.
As To'brel walked back to the outpost with everyone else, he pondered his time here, everything that just happened, and the strange male's words. True, he was here against his will, but he'd learned so much, and the people here didn't seem to bear him any ill will. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Then there was that crazed male who'd attacked the group of them. To'brel thought he'd been suicidal, but everyone had seemed terrified of him for some reason. Something about him gave the young noble the impression of a crazed beast rather than an argu'n male. But that whole situation had been resolved with the appearance of Lady Angela, the Dragon, and Jack's sister.
Lon'thul, who'd caught up with the group, explained the whole thing to To'brel while everyone else conferred over what they'd learned and where to go from here. "Yeah, they're not actually siblings, but if you hang around them long enough, you can tell they grew up together. Those two are so much alike it's eery."
Looking over at the divine form of the woman who'd spoken to To'brel outside of his cell the first night he'd arrived, the noble doubted the hunter's claims. She even moved with perfect grace, putting even the abnormally coordinated Lon'thul to shame. Right now, she was speaking while Jack and S'haar listened. "They're probably about ten to fifteen minutes out, depending on if they come as a whole group or split off a delegation. Just enough time to get back and organize our own delegation to meet with them."
She seemed to notice To'brel's attention because she turned and tilted her head. Her face seemed abnormally stiff as if it was more of a mask than an actual face, but her voice sounded friendly enough and brought to mind the conversations of the first night once more. "Hey, don't sweat it, kid! Soon you'll probably be back at home, and this'll all seem like some strange dream."
To'brel blinked stupidly, unsure of how to respond. Uncertain if he even should respond. He was tired of everyone calling him a kid, but it was hardly his place to admonish a goddess in her choice of words. Still, it seemed like something was expected of him, so he stuttered out the only thing that came to mind. "Uh... Yeah... That'll be nice...I suppose..."
The goddess raised her hand, and for a second To'brel thought he was about to be smitten for his insolence, but instead, she simply patted him on the head. Her hand was cold and strong as steel, but her touch was surprisingly gentle. "There you go getting all lost in thought like the first night. While it's important to consider possibilities, it's also essential not to overthink things too much. Right now, you probably feel like you're being thrown around by fate, but soon enough, you'll get to make decisions for yourself again. Until then, just watch and learn. You never know what'll prove invaluable soon."
As the Dragon turned back to the other conversation happening nearby, To'brel couldn't help but dwell on the last words the other noble, B'arthon, had shared before leaving. He'd seemed both sympathetic and ominous as he spoke. Did he think To'brel's time here had been as horrible as the young noble had first assumed it would be? But he seemed to be referring to the near future. What exactly was happening? Everyone seemed to think his father was here to negotiate To'brel's release, and apparently, he'd brought a whole army to negotiate from a position of strength. But where had he gotten such an army? Even if he cleared every guard out of the village and left it defenseless, there wouldn't be enough to take this outpost by force. And no sane village lord loan a large portion of his guard force just to come to rescue To'brel... So what was it that everyone, including himself, was missing?
After everything that could be said had been said, everyone seemed to become quietly contemplative. It felt like there was some piece of the puzzle everyone was missing, but no one could figure out what it was. Instead, they waited. It only took a few minutes, but those minutes seemed to stretch into hours. Jack looked over to a grim-looking S'haar. Her brow was furrowed, and she looked off into some distant horizon, as lost in thought as anyone.
Eventually, she noticed the attention directed her way and turned to see Jack grinning at her. She blinked a few times as if waking, and Jack's grin became toothy as he projected confidence he didn't feel. "Whatever happens, you've got this! We've all got your back, and I'm confident that you're the best person for the job. Just remember, you're not alone anymore, and you don't have to shoulder the burden by yourself." S'haar grinned and started to reply when movement at the edge of the forest caught everyone's attention.
Walking toward them was a group of guards. There were enough to be threatening should the outpost try and ambush them, but not enough to be a threat to the outpost itself. Though Jack was well aware, a much larger force waited just beyond the treeline.
Their own delegation moved forward, S'haar led the way, flanked by Jack and a rather imposing Angela. Just behind them came Ger'ron, Fea'en, Em'brel, Lon'thul, and To'brel, all flanked by the outpost's guards.
As the two groups approached, Jack could make out Dek'thul and B'arthon, but no one else was overly familiar to him. Still, it seemed odd that they were in positions of honor just to either side of the cloaked individual that was clearly in charge. As representatives from A'ngles, it seemed like they'd be in the group further behind the leader, with representatives from To'brel's village front and center.
Once the groups finally got close enough to speak, the clacked leader drew back his cowl, and several pieces of the puzzle suddenly fell into place with disturbing implications.
Before them stood Lord A'ngles, radiating every bit of the authority Jack remembered. "Lady S'haar and members of the Dragon's outpost. I am here to negotiate the immediate release of Lord To'brel," That seemed odd. Why was he referring to To'brel as a Lord? "as well as the surrender of the outpost and all its resources and residents in response to the unwarranted assassination of our village's friend and ally, Lord Don'brel!"

God, I had no idea how many hidden pitfalls and expenses self-publishing hid. I'm so exhausted right now I'm not sure I can express it. Still, I'm closer than ever. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, I'll have it finished in a little over a week, maybe less. Thank you to everyone who helped encourage and support me to get to this point!
If you like my work and would like to support it, consider donating to my
patreon . Don't worry if you can't, there won't be any paywalled content or anything else like that, this is nothing more than a way to show your support. =)
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2021.12.01 18:59 NinjaKelpFace Player ticking in 1.18

Recently the server that I play on with friends started having a player ticking issue after we restarted and transferred to 1.18 with the terralith data pack and I was wondering if it could be an issue with terralith or a 1.18 issue. I was also wondering how I could fix it ofc. I know it’s an issue with corrupted player data but I’m not sure how exactly to deal with it, do I just delete the corrupted player data or something else?
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2021.12.01 18:59 WhyNotMeeeeee 🎮The Game Token 🎮 UTILITY GEM💎<1 Million Marketcap📈

After a successful launch of $TG and our platform yesterday, we are now working on Marketing to get our baby flying!
Are you a community member of a promising Blockchaingaming or Play2Earn GEM? Please join our community and let us know! Website
What do we already have to offer and why should you invest into our future plans?

Later down the road we plan on having our own job section, working with sports teams, a swap, The Game payment card and will hopefully tap into the VR world.
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2021.12.01 18:59 DD_LitClub1 Yes, I spent my time typing this and it was worth it for what the video was. Seriously, I want the Gacha Community to change because its right now only milking real life problems for views. (TW: Cruses, suicide mentions.)

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2021.12.01 18:59 EndersGame_Reviewer New holo edition of Chris Ramsay's 1st deck announced - printing by USPCC with MetalLuxe holographic foil

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2021.12.01 18:59 WaterRresistant PSA: most of you are using the wrong FOV with a stretched ass fisheye, use this calculator

BF is using a different system. Use this:
Vertical FOV is what you see in BF settings. Horizontal FOV is what you think you are getting, based on other games.
I like mine at 65 which is 97
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2021.12.01 18:59 grandtheftbat01 Positive drug roadside test (which are often false positives...) will now lead to immediate loss of licence, instead of a positive lab test

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