8ktba 75s8t 5f64e nykzz nryt4 i7din th4ai 58di6 2bas6 e7rts b78zn 28i4h 3hsri 5hf8y ayzaa sf773 k8zhy a8ti2 4a8hs fa3r8 hrt7s Suggestion :D |

Suggestion :D

2021.12.01 18:59 Milliemmb_ Suggestion :D

You should consider reacting to quackity's dreamsmp lore streams!! he puts so much effort and time into them and the most recent one was insane. It legit feels like watching a movie :)) They are so well directed and produces it is so entertaining and just absolutely crazy. I would suggest watching them if (potential spoiler) you have already seen wilbur be brought back to life but the first part would be okay to watch even if you have not seen that yet. In addition to that if you want to wait for evanmcgaming to upload the full recap of the lore that is fine but watching these quackity ones aswell are so worth the watch even if you know the storyline as they are so cinematic and even include some rare in real life sections which are once again, insane. :DD
They are all on quackity's vod channel but here are the links:
part 1: https://youtu.be/XLAaBh3Co7s
part 2: https://youtu.be/7TbzdQZzyc8
part 3: https://youtu.be/orx2dPdqEzY
part 4: https://youtu.be/xOdfyMMKsqo
part 5: https://youtu.be/NUTpK08hl_E (this one is the season finale and is so so amazing)
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2021.12.01 18:59 ankelbiter12 How to add IR receiver to Denon AVR-X1500H receiver

So I re arranged my living room in my small apartment and now it’s kinda tricky to adjust the volume on the stereo receiver. I used to use a janky awful myharmony hub and it had an ir receiver thing, but the back for it is too small to plug into the back of my receiver. I can’t find anything on google or Amazon for it.
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2021.12.01 18:59 simplifiedpetals Negative for everything and yet still a funky fish smell. HELP.

Vaginal swabs all come back negative (yes, even myco and ureaplasma). BV came back negative, and so did candida. I went to get tested because of my yellow discharge and fishy smell.
I even took 2 nights of Lomexin 1000mg vaginal suppositories.
I have boric acid with me. Even when I stop using it, the smell will come back.
Now I’m just wondering if I’m the one causing the problem. It could be the lack of water I’m drinking, or the stress, or lack of probiotics?
Honestly I have no idea anymore!! I don’t know what to do!
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2021.12.01 18:59 drifruit A brief BTS during today's live

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2021.12.01 18:59 ConfectionOk3332 Exploitative Love

The hand to chest a few seconds due Fingers delicate and little Then this corporal flower revealed the thorn And the breast revealed it is brittle
Though round the heart the hand did rest Born of the sweetest of springs And well versed in the ways of the harp From the way it plays the heart’s strings
Then as the song is sung again And again until it starts anew Come droplets of her poisoned fruits Disguised as morning dew
The heart’s beat then quickly slows Lulled to the depths of sleep The hand retracts its bitter hold No sow is left for her to reap
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2021.12.01 18:59 malandro148 Hello, í need some help with reshiram and my code is 9594 5882 6020

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2021.12.01 18:59 Doremif4s0 又赢了!法国总统候选人力挺中国!

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2021.12.01 18:59 Competitive-Object-4 Skunk’s duet performance for tonight’s episode

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2021.12.01 18:59 Objective_Forever_35 Anyone been to Los Al? If so how does their admission process work is it similar to Santa Anita & for those that have gone, did you get your tickets immediately after purchase or could you just walk up and pay for admission? It’ll be my first time there with a friend of mine on Friday

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2021.12.01 18:59 DipDivers DipDivers mint is now live! 3500 members! Info in comments

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2021.12.01 18:59 inosuke6 What is your favorite part and stand

I'm bored and would like to know
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2021.12.01 18:59 spillednoodles Solved the puzzle

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2021.12.01 18:59 naturalgirl_mel Selfie before today's yoga session 🧘🏼‍♀️

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2021.12.01 18:59 vanderlolbroek I am working on an audio visualizer that uses the album covers from Spotify to make cool visualizers

I am working on an audio visualizer that uses the album covers from Spotify to make cool visualizers submitted by vanderlolbroek to IndieDev [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 18:59 xXDANK-MEME-LORDXx [Xbox] [H] Sexy List of Sexy Stuff [W] Credits or Item Offers

Please read this took absolutely ages!
Italics = OG Crate
Credits - Not taking offers sorry - 24740
Item Quantity Price each
Trade ups
Item Quanity Price each
NCE x3 120
NCI x8 30
NCVR x13 30
Sets - Info only shows Certs/OG Colours
Set Info
Excavator Sweeper Purple, Turtle CB, Grey Sniper
Mixtape All , Playmaker Orange, Acrobat Crimson, Striker Unpainted
Dominus RLCS Scorer SB, Turtle Grey, Turtle Lime, Turtle Pink, Turtle Orange, Scorer Purple, Scorer Cobalt, Tact Saffron, Sniper Unpainted, Victor TW, Goalkeeper Black
Reaper (wheel) Unpainted Cert Set
Force Razor Guardian Black, Turtle SB
Quasar Goalkeeper Orange
Endo Guardian TW, Saffron, Purple, Sniper Pink, Sweeper Crimson, Black, Grey, Cobalt, Sweeper BS, FG
Petacio All Tactician
FSL-B All Striker
EQ-RL Victor SB
Reaper Wheel (ALL PCC besides TW which is OG Crate), Paragon BS, Paragon Orange, Show Off Crimson, Acrobat TW
Sunbursts All Sweeper
Cool Toppers and Antennae
Item Info
Halo Unpainted Tact, TW, BS, Pink
Stego Cobalt, FG x2, Pink, TW
Witch Hat FG
Wizard Hat Crimson
Royal Crown Cobalt, SB, Saffron, FG, Purple, Grey
Pirate Hat Purple
Chainsaw Purple
Chef Hat BS
Cromulon FG
Derby Pink
Fire Helmet Purple
Heart Glasses Lime, Saffron
Little Bow Pink, Purple
Visor Black
Hawaiian Lei Lime
Octopus Black
Decals and Paint Finishes
Item Info
Paint Finishes Anodized, Anodized Pearl
Buzzkill Orange, Playmaker TW
Lone Wolf Crimson, Tact Black, GK SB, FG x2, Sweeper CB, Turtle Black, Black, SB, Lime, Striker Grey, Striker Orange, Striker TW, Striker Crimson, Striker FG, Striker Black, Paragon Black, Tact Orange, Striker Pink, Playmaker Crimson, Sweeper Grey
Griffon Show Off Grey, Black, Tact BS, Tact Crimson
MDGA FG, Sweeper FG, Acrobat Black, Tact Orange, Guardian Pink, Show Off FG, TW, Grey
Vaporware Lime, Crimson x2, Pink
Octane Sticker Bomb Tact Grey, Lime, Show Off Crimson
Royal Tyrant Playmaker Crimson,Orange, Saffron, TW, Paragon Lime, Black
Slimline Crimson, Crimson, SB, Orange, Paragon BS, Striker FG, Lime
Dragon Lord Striker CB, Saffron, Pink x2, Juggler TW (PCC???)
Octane MG 88 Black, Grey, Lime Paragon
Vertebrae Lime Aviator
Christmas Tree Playmaker Saffron
Chantico Saffron, Black, Pink x2, Orange, Lime, FG, Purple, TW, Striker Cobalt, Striker Saffron
Cold Front Pink, Playmaker CB
Widows Web Black, Playmaker FG
Critters Scorer TW
Rico Black Striker
Astaroth TW Aviator, Striker Orange, Striker Black, Striker Purple
Taniwha CB, TW x2, Paragon TW, FG, Purple, SB
Heiwa CB
Kawaii BS
Shibuya TW
Chainsaw Lime, BS, GK Grey
Rad Reindeer FG, Purple, Aviator TW, Striker SB
Dominus Funny Book Aviator Crimson, Show Off Saffron, Sweeper Crimson, Goalkeeper FG
Mixtape Set All, Orange
OR-AISE Guardian Pink
Z Current FG
Edge Burst BS
XVIII Playmaker TW, Juggler Pink, Striker Cobalt
Mechaceph TW, Juggler Crimson, Turtle Orange, Striker TW
Mobo Turtle SB
Splashback Show Off Crimson
Splatter Guardian BS, SB
Endo MG88 Acrobat Lime, Playmaker TW
Spatter Show Off Purple, Purple, Striker Grey, Striker Black, Striker Orange
Mister Monsoon Scorer FG, Scorer CB
StarLighter Pink, Striker Orange (PCC)
Octane ZSR Funny Book Turtle Lime, Pink
Jiangshi BS, Pink
Sundae FG, Striker BS, Striker SB
Takumi Sticker Bomb CB (PCC), Sweeper FG, Pink, Purple
Good Shape Pink Show Off
Muddy Sweeper SB
Dominus RLCS Set, BS
Hardline Black
Stratum Badge Lime
Retro sun Guardian FG, SB, Sniper Crimson
Takeover Black
Ombre Striker TW, Striker Lime
Abtruse Playmaker Saffron
Gigapede Striker Orange
Octane ZSR Funny Book Striker Pink
NNTR Striker BS
Ternion TW
Cobra Saffron (PCC)
Callous Bros Striker Orange
Yorebands Orange
Fennec RLCS X Black
Unpainted Cert Decals Scorer Octane Slimline, Striker Octane Windblast x2 , Sweeper Octane Roadkill, Scorer and Tact Breakout Egged, Sweeper Breakout Rad Reindeer, PCC Striker Octane Lone Wolf, Striker Octane Abtruse, Striker Octane Thanatos, Striker Mantis Widows Web
Unpainted RLCS Decals Dominus RLCS X x3, Stratum Badge x5, Turtle Stratum Badge, Yorebands x3, Acrobat Yorebands, Paragon RLCS 21-22, Octane RLCS X
Item Info
Septems TW, Sniper Black, Juggler Lime
Triplex Cobalt, Juggler, Crimson, Turtle Pink
Volts Grey
Spiralis Grey, Juggler BS
Reactor Lime, Striker Lime
Fireplugs Show Off SB
Balla Cara Grey
Petacio Tact Cert Set, Saffron, Purple Juggler, FG Sniper, Paragon BS, SB
Zowie Pink, FG, Crimson
Zowie Infinite Cobalt
Ara 51 Lime
Saptarshi Goalkeeper Lime, Crimson
Kyrios Lime Show Off, Black
Meridian Sweeper Grey, Victor TW
Rajin SB, Guardian Orange
Vortex TW (Very Rare)
Sunbursts TW (Exotic), TW (Uncommon), Black Guardian (Exotic), Sweeper Set
Reeverb Lime
Yamane Playmaker Saffron, Striker Purple, Purple
Draco Tact TW
Cauldron Black
Orbit TW x2
Decopunk Lime, Orange, Turtle BS, Purple, Grey, Playmaker SB
Clockwork Crimson, Lime, Black, Striker BS
Equaliser Black x2, TW
Reaper Unpainted Cert Set, Playmaker FG, Set
Troika FG
Blender FG
Spiralis R2 Orange
Astro CSX Unpainted
Spanner Turtle Orange
Bravado Crimson
FSL-B Striker Set
Wrathogen TW, Black, Scorer Black
Carbon Acrobat Black
Ninja Saffron, FG, Orange
K2 Playmaker Black
Christmas Wreaths SB, Lime
Dynamo TW
Hephaestus Aviator Black
Cutter Inverted Black
Discotheque Guardian Pink
Rival Purple
Goal Explosions
Item Info
Ballistic Orange, Purple
Vampire Bats Unpainted
Item Info
Neothermal TW Tactician, Playmaker Purple, Lime
Tsunami Beam Crimson, TW
Virtual Wave Pink, SB
Synthwave Aviator BS
Tachyon Victor Lime, Tact Crimson
Hexphase BS Turtle, Saffron, SB
Sacred Juggler Black, Acrobat SB
Item Info
EKG-OMG Paragon Orange, Pink
Disco Show Off Crimson , Crimson
EQ Striker SB
Zig-Zag Paragon BS
Tachyon Saffron
Item Info
Endo Set
Sentinel Guardian Orange
Fennec Unpainted
Breakout Type S Unpainted Goalkeeper
Centio Orange
Nimbus Grey
Merc Pink
Octane BS, FG
Breakout Orange
Item Info
Ouchie Black, Purple
NeoOctane Lime x2
Crown SB
Black Markets
Item Info
Fireworks Non Crate
Hexed Turbo, Scorer GP’20
Popcorn Non Crate
Singularity Non Crate
Solar Flare Juggler PCC
Hellfire Accelerator
Tora GE ‘19
Hex tide Show Off Ferocity
PolyPop GP ‘19
Firegod Non Crate
Bubbly GP ’20
Parallax GE ‘18
Mainframe Elevation
Slipstream Orange GE’20
Rocket Pass Wheels
Item Info
3-Lobe Orange, Sweeper Grey, FG x3, Striker Black, Pink x2, Aviator Lime, SB, Grey, TW
3-Lobe (Infinite) Crimson, Purple x2, SB x2, Orange x2, Black x3, Lime, Scorer Cobalt, Grey, BS, Pink
Android Playmaker Saffron, Pink x2, TW, Purple, Orange, Paragon Saffron, Show Off SB, FG x2, Saffron, Black, Lime x2
Ault FG, TW, Lime, BS, Black, Guardian Grey, Guardian Orange
Automation Black, SB, Saffron
Blade Wave FG
Blade Wave (Inverted) Black, Playmaker FG, Pink
BLSSM Sniper TW, Sweeper BS, Black x3, Saffron, Aviator Black, Lime, Crimson, FG, Cobalt Goalkeeper, Grey, TW
Camo(Inverted) Purple
Cephalo SB
Cyberware Striker Crimson, Black
Daemon-Kelpie Crimson
Dimonix Pink, CB, Tact TW, Goalkeeper Black, Playmaker Pink
Dimonix (Inverted) Orange x2, Striker TW, Pink
DRN Saffron, Purple, Pink
DRN (Infinite) Black
DYR Victor BS, Aviator TW, SB, Orange, Show Off Purple, Scorer Saffron
Esoto Crimson, Black x3, BS, Cobalt
Esoto (Inverted) FG, Grey, Pink, Victor Black, Crimson
Ferris Black, Lime, Crimson, Saffron, Orange, Purple, TW x3, Show Off Crimson
Gadabout Inverted Grey, Lime, Orange, CB
Galvan BS
Galvan (Holographic) Orange, Grey
Generator TW, Striker TW
Grip Stride Black, Tactician Purple, Striker TW
Grip Stride (Inverted) TW, Tact Cobalt, Tact Pink, Aviator Grey, Aviator Pink, Grey x3, SB, Juggler SB, Juggler Lime, Lime x6, Goalkeeper Pink, Pink x2, Playmaker Orange
Hamster FG x2, Grey, SB x2, Black x2, Turtle Grey, Sweeper Orange, Crimson x2
Hamster (Holographic) Acrobat Saffron, Orange, Purple, TW, Acrobat Bs, Grey, Victor FG
Haunted Hoss Purple, TW, Orange, BS
Helicoprion Purple
HRB-20 Striker SB, Black, FG, Orange, Pink x2, Saffron, Purple Guardian, SB, Show Off Cobalt, Sweeper Black
Irradiator (Infinite) Lime
Jandertek Grey
Jandertek (Holographic) Lime, Sweeper CB, Grey
Madness Black, TW
Mandala Crimson, Saffron x2, SB, Goalkeeper TW, TW x3, Black, BS, Purple, Turtle BS, Striker FG
Metalwork Purple
Metalwork (Inverted) Saffron, BS, Tact TW
Morrowhatch Pink, BS, FG
Muscle Boy BS, Lime, Striker Lime, Striker SB
Parabolic FG, Aviator TW, BS, Cobalt, Saffron, Crimson, Orange, Grey,Pink, SB
Philoscope SB
Plasmatic Striker Cobalt
Polyergic BS, Black, Crimson
Polyergic(Inverted) Turtle Purple, Orange, Pink, Guardian Orange, Lime x2, Black, FG
Propeller Black, TW, CB, Grey x2, Orange
Propeller (Inverted) Black x3, BS, Grey, Orange x2, Pink x2, TW x2, Crimson, Paragon Orange
Q-Runner TW, Crimson x2
Rocko BS, Lime, Black, SB
Ruinator Black, BS, Grey, SB
Ruinator Inverted SB, FG, Lime, BS
Shortwire Saffron, Black, Turtle BS, Victor Pink
Sk8ter Scorer SB, Black, Lime, Crimson
SPN TW, Sniper Saffron, Lime, Pink, Orange, SB
Sprocket (Infinte) Victor SB, BS
Startis Playmaker Black
String Theory Acrobat Purple, Crimson, TW x2, SB, Black x2
Tanker Saffron, Purple, FG, TW
Tanker Infinite Cobalt, TW, Pink, Orange
Traction (Hatch) Crimson
TRI-2050 TW, Paragon Orange, Pink, FG, Lime, Crimson, SB x2, Saffron, BS
Troublemaker Tact TW
Visionary Lime, Orange
Whisperer SB, CB, Crimson, FG
Woofer Scorer Crimson, Guardian Purple, Victor Lime, Scorer Purple, SB, Orange x2, Black, Pink, Saffron
Zhou Crimson
Z-RO (Inverted) Saffron x4, Purple, Crimson, Black, Show Off Pink
Item Info
Harbinger FG, Pink x2, Playmaker Grey, BS, Cobalt, BS Turtle, Grey
Maverick Sweeper TW, SB
Guardian Tact Grey
R3MX Orange, Saffron, Crimson, Purple, Pink, Acrobat Crimson, Striker Purple, TW
Chikara Saffron, BS, Tact Crimson
Artemis Crimson
Outlaw CB, Saffron, Crimson, Grey
Item Info
Auger Guardian Pink, Victor TW, Grey
Compound C SB, Lime, Crimson, Pink, Grey
Dune Sweeper Orange, Lime
Future Shock Victor Pink, Playmaker FG, Show Off Orange, Paragon FG, Goalkeeper Lime, Sniper SB, Juggler Pink, Scorer Cobalt, Pink, SB, Lime, Saffron
Liquid Camo Cobalt, Goalkeeper Lime, Guardian Saffron, Pink, Orange, Purple x3, Acrobat Saffron
Mainliner Tactician Crimson, Lime, Acrobat Crimson, Show Off Saffron, Sweeper Saffron, Paragon Orange, Show Off Cobalt, Striker BS, Goalkeeper TW, Purple, Pink, SB, Grey, FG, TW Scorer, Sweeper SB, TW x2, Saffron, Turtle Lime, Tact TW, Scorer Saffron
Tigress FG
EQ-RL Set, Aviator SB, Aviator TW
Filformer Paragon SB, FG, Striker Black, Crimson
Vaticinator Saffron, BS, Black, Orange
Item Info
Excavator Set, Orange x2, Sniper Crimson
Rad Rock BS, Orange, SB
Holo Data BS
Laser Wave Juggler Pink, TW, Turtle Lime
Flamechain Saffron, TW, Pink, Purple
Tarnation BS, Grey, Saffron, Lime
Item Info
Toon Flame Guardian Pink, Acrobat Purple, BS
Radiant Gush Saffron x2, Cobalt, Crimson, Lime
Rad Rock BS, TW, Grey, Pink
Slash Beam FG, Orange
Glimmer Slag BS, Lime
Holodata Grey, Purple
Supernova BS, Lime, SB
HRT Beat FG x2, SB, Pink, Striker FG, BS, Black, Aviator Purple, Saffron
Monsoon TW, SB, Paragon Grey, Pink, Orange
Lava SB, BS, Pink, TW
Timeline Orange, FG, Black, Lime
Goal Explosion
Item Info
Mister Monsoon Lime, Orange, Pink, TW
Spatial Rift BS, FG, Victor Saffron, Orange, Saffron, Lime, Grey, Paragon Pink, SB, Striker Grey, Purple, Sweeper Crimson
Rad Rock BS, Orange, Pink
Kablooey SB, TW, Lime, Playmaker FG
Riser Striker Cobalt, Black, Aviator Crimson
Light Show Cobalt x3, Show Off FG, Lime, Orange x2, Saffron, FG, Crimson
Force Razor Set
Quasar Set
Dust Cloud Grey, Crimson, Acrobat Black, Saffron, Orange
Floppy Fish Lime, Purple, Crimson, FG, Pink
Holodata TW
Meta Blast Aviator Pink, Tact Saffron, Aviator Crimson, Like, TW
Wall Breaker Cobalt, BS, Sniper SB, Crimson, Lime, TW, Orange, FG, Purple, Grey
Supernova Saffron, SB
Yeehaw Purple, Lime, Crimson, Saffron
Item Info
Drone TW
Collections! - All for sale (just had so many had to format it this way!) CURRENT MANDALA INFINITE COLLECTION
Colour Info
Grey Uncert, Show Off, Sniper, Striker
Black Uncert, Show Off x2, Tactician
Crimson Uncert x3, Sniper, Juggler, Show Off
FG Uncert x2, Victor
Pink Uncert x5, Turtle, Tactician
Purple Uncert x3
SB Uncert x2
Lime Uncert x2, Victor
Saffron Uncert x4, Scorer
TW Uncert x4
Orange Uncert
Cobalt Uncert x2, Acrobat, Aviator
BS Uncert, Show Off
Cert Colours
Uncert Pink x2, BS x4, Saffron x5, Lime x4, FG x5, Crimson x2, Black x3, Purple x2, SB
Acrobat BS, FG, Lime, Orange, Purple,
Aviator BS, CB, FG x2, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Saffron x2, SB x2
Goalkeeper Black, Crimson x2, FG, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple x3, Saffron, SB x2
Guardian BS, Cobalt x2, Grey x2, Lime x2, Purple, Saffron
Juggler BS, Cobalt, Crimson, FG, Lime, Orange, Pink x3, SB
Paragon BS x2, Cobalt, Crimson x3, FG x2, Grey x2, Lime x2, Pink, Sb x3
Playmaker Cobalt, Crimson, Lime, Grey, Orange, Purple, Saffron x2, SB x2
Scorer BS, Grey x2, Lime, Orange
Show Off Cobalt, Crimson, FG x3, Orange x2, Pink, Saffron, SB x2
Sniper BS x2, FG, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple x2, Saffron x2, SB
Striker Black, Grey, Lime Purple, Saffron x2, SB
Sweeper Grey x2, Orange, Pink
Tactician Cobalt, FG, Grey, Saffron
Turtle BS, Cobalt, Crimson, FG x4, Grey, Lime, Pink, Purple, Saffron
Victor Cobalt, Crimson x2, FG x3, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Saffron
Cert Colours
Acrobat BS, Crimson, FG
Aviator Orange, Purple
Goalkeeper Saffron
Guardian BS, Orange, Pink
Juggler TW,
Paragon Grey, Lime, SB
Playmaker Purple, SB
Scorer BS, Grey
Show Off Black, Lime, Orange, Saffron
Sniper FG, Grey, Orange
Striker Cobalt
Sweeper Purple
Turtle Crimson
Victor Grey, Pink, Saffron
Uncert Orange, TW
Looking for currently
Item My Offer
Striker Cobalt Smokescreen Cobalt Smokescreen and Some adds
submitted by xXDANK-MEME-LORDXx to RocketLeagueExchange [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 18:59 n3ur0n3rd Remove docker shortcuts from desktop

Having an issue where I have some docker shortcuts on my desktop from the docker application that I removed using SSH and I am now unable to delete them. I cannot right click to remove, only options are: Open the status page, Open in new window.
I've attempted to recreate images with the same name and it only duplicates it. No settings in the Docker application. I have seen a thread that was created 4 years ago, my situation is slightly different because I deleted the containers using SSH which apparently does not delete the shortcuts. Attempting to find terminal commands but thus far coming up short. Any help will be appreciated.
submitted by n3ur0n3rd to synology [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 18:59 Silent_Definition622 Should I take the UWSAs again?

Long story short, I took my exam in august, I’m now retaking it.
I took uwsa1 in June and uwsa2 in July. I did review them then, but my exam now is on December 28th. I’m doing my second round of uworld and I don’t really remember much of the questions they don’t feel like repeats, I’m wondering if it might be worth retaking the SAs to get an idea of where I’m at. The only nbmes I have left that I hadn’t done before are 25 and 26, which I’m going to do but what do y’all thing?
submitted by Silent_Definition622 to step1 [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 18:59 AhavaKhatool Philip Heymann, legal scholar and aide to Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox, dies at 89

submitted by AhavaKhatool to obituaries [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 18:59 Karuschy Interview questions for a search fund

Hi guys,
I am a first year Canadian student applying for a search fund. I tried reaching out to past interns about what questions they were asked during their interviews but they have not responded. What questions will I be asked?( Please do not say behavioural, already heard it, can you give specific answers?) Can you guys offer some help?
Any help is much appreciated!
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2021.12.01 18:59 Krayler_ 🎄 Advent Token - The FIRST Crypto Advent Calendar | 🚀 Just Launched - $4k MC! | 🧠 Unique Idea and Tokenomics | 💰 HUGE Daily Prize Draws | 💎 Next BSC 100x!

Advent Token is your crypto advent calendar! Every single day we will draw and send a huge cash prize to one lucky holder, based on the previous day's trading volume and taxes collected!
💰 Prize ranging from $100 - $50,000 EVERYDAY! First Prize TONIGHT!
💎 Low MC Gem
🚀 Only $5k MC - Mooning Right Now!
CONTRACT: 0xd203ddbe67ad2f783ea1854a47ad7190f3123ad0
🧠 Idea: Ever wanted to have the chance at winning huge crypto prizes just by holding? Look no further! Advent Token is the FIRST crypto advent calendar, with holders being given the chance of winning sums upwards of $10,000 every SINGLE day!
Our unique tokenomics collect small fees from every transaction and collect them in a wallet for the grand prize that day, this prize is then sent to one lucky holder, with prizes being worth thousands of dollars!
As there are just 25 tokens in circulation, it creates the sense of a community effort, which is required to help charities with their ongoing prevention of poverty and homelessness, and thus we will be donating 10% of each prize draw's amount to charities helping these efforts!
Everyday, one lucky holder will win a huge cash prize. Just like an advent calendar, prizes are given out every single day, could the next day be your lucky day? 👀
💰 Tokenomics:
Tax (Buy & Sell): 10%
• Prizes: 5%
• Marketing: 3%
• Auto-LP: 2%
Supply: 25
Max Wallet: 0.25 ADVENT
🌐 Socials:
Telegram: https://t.me/AdventToken
Website: https://adventtoken.io/
Roadmap: https://adventtoken.io/#Roadmap
🎯 JUST LAUNCHED! CONTRACT: 0xd203ddbe67ad2f783ea1854a47ad7190f3123ad0
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2021.12.01 18:59 Sorryaboutthis123 (F4A Playing M) Slow Burn Romance w/ Healing from Trauma

Hello there!
I am someone who has been roleplaying for quite a few years now, and I am looking to experiment with roleplaying about trauma. The idea that I have for this is relatively loose and I am very okay with switching up the setting a little bit. So if you prefer to do a college-based setting, I am more than okay with that, or we could switch it up and do a fantasy-based setting as well.
The main roleplay premise though would sort of remain the same. I was thinking that my character could have gone through a trauma that is relatively well known throughout the town/village, but when they came back from it, everything pretty much carried on as normal. The people around my character don't even realize that my character is beginning to suffer pretty severely from PTSD from the trauma and may even contribute to making it worse.
Then enters your character. I was thinking that they could also have some of their own trauma and could be some kind of outcasted character and they could basically forcibly interject themselves into my character's life, much to the dismay of her current social group who may try to drive a wedge in between them. I was thinking he could just want to be a friend to her at first and help her get through it because he sees part of himself in her, and then slowly romance could begin to bloom as they help each other heal from their own traumas.
As I said, I am pretty flexible on settings. If you are more comfortable with the college setting, we could have the main trauma be something like a fire that happened, or perhaps my character had been kidnapped but managed to escape it, etc. Or if you prefer fantasy, we could make it to where my character had fought the Big Bad Guy and narrowly escaped but most of the party didn't or was almost taken to enslavement because of race, or whatever. Very open to suggestions and alterations.
My biggest request is that you PLEASE write at the bare minimum 2-3 detailed paragraphs. I understand they may sometimes be shorter, but I am someone who can easily write a page and this roleplay focuses a lot on tiny details. I tend to write in the third person but I can easily write in first, and I prefer discord but can also do google docs.
Message me if interested!
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2021.12.01 18:59 Shermd0gg Cursed Dark Souls

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2021.12.01 18:59 manicemo song that describes mania for me

alessia cara released a new album a few months ago and i’ve been obsessed ever since it came out. one of the songs on there is called “apartment song” and it really reminds me of the beginning of a manic episode / hypomanic episode. the sudden light. i’m currently in one and i just really connect it.
especially these lyrics:
“light in my head turned on in the morning, what a wonderful world it is when you can see it tears that i shed, turned into glitter on the floor of my apartment pop of shimmer i needed”
“something in the air i’m tripling in size, oh i, i swear something in the air i’ve been up all night and i don’t care”
do you guys have any songs that you associate with mania/hypomania too?
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2021.12.01 18:59 UnconjugatedVerb The uninterested company leaders created holes in the ground for wild pigs to live in.

The bored board bored boar board.
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2021.12.01 18:59 Odnerar Giulia De Lellis vs Taylor Mega in galleria a Milano 💕

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