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2021.12.01 18:04 JackHasGame Looking for suggestions filling my bag

Hello golf
I've been playing golf for quite some time now, about 13 years and have never bought new clubs before. This year I upgraded from my older Ping G2 Irons to Mizuno MP-32s and enjoy playing them very much. The sound, feel and satisfaction of hitting a pure iron. I have been wanting to fill my bag with proper clubs since I've always bought from classifieds and used bins. My strong parts of my game has been my irons, wedges and putting but cannot stay consistent with my driver. Looking for suggestions to fill my bag. I have a Taylormade R11 9 degree driver stiff shaft, 4 - PW Mizuno irons with S300 shafts and Cleveland RTX3 52, 56, 60 wedges as well my Odyssey putter. Would you suggest getting fitted for a driver, 3/5 wood and hybrid/utility iron. Currently a 9.4 Handicap and would like to continue improving my game.
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2021.12.01 18:04 Hunminator Douchbag Mcgee creates another opening.. then widens it~ 🤦‍♂️

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2021.12.01 18:04 El_W ISO 2 tickets to RKS in Nashville 12/28

Hey y'all!
RKS is my girlfriends favorite band and i'm trying to surprise her with tickets to the Nashville show on 12/28/21.
Thank you
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2021.12.01 18:04 Radiant-Cash4449 Is your reality reflecting your inner state?

Your inner world creates your outer world, the world is a mirror reflecting your state of being and so on. This idea is continually parroted in spiritual communities. But I have been contemplating recently what actual evidence do we have that this is true? Is what we perceive as our external reality really an illusion and only a projection of our inner state? Often people just accept information that is parroted without analyzing and applying any critical thinking. Has this concept been analyzed and tested and found to be the truth? Is everyone creating their own unique individual reality or are we experiencing a consensus reality? In exploring this I find evidence for both, so I haven't reached a definitive answer yet. I would like to hear other perspectives on this. Do you feel your inner state 100% creates your reality? If so, what experiences led you to believe this? Thank you!
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2021.12.01 18:04 The_Wolf_280 I need games for vr racing

Hello, i am currently planning on getting the racing wheel for ps4 that is compatible with vr. I was wondering you people know any car games that are not racing types but just for driving freely wherever you want without levels or so. If you know any games that can make this dream come true to have a game where you can drive wherever you want, park, try to learn, explore.. And others, i would really really appreciate it ❤
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We welcome you to our community SimpleSwap_io
We’ll keep you up to date and answer all the crypto related questions!
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2021.12.01 18:04 berkough $CRON 52 week low...

Not sure if I should buy more and lower my average cost per share, or just hold.
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2021.12.01 18:04 ulul222 Looking for Romantic Hotels in SF with Spa Tub & Views

Any recommendations on hotel rooms in downtown SF with an in-room spa tub, high floor, views of the city & that is reasonably priced? TIA :)
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2021.12.01 18:04 checkoutchannelnine PSA: Non-NFA FFL transfer at Silencer Shop increased to $40

There was a thread here a couple weeks ago where many people, myself included, recommended Silencer Shop for their $20 non-NFA FFL transfers.
They've now doubled the price to $40.
Gunbroker's FFL finder lists several others near me that are $20-25 which I'll be using going forward.
Wanted to provide a heads up so that others could avoid the surprise.
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2021.12.01 18:04 17BadgersUnderACoat [M4F] Looking for long-term STORY HEAVY apocalyptic roleplay where my partner writes a BIPOC for their primary character! [Zombie apocalypse AND other types inside! Multiple prompts + plots!] Discord only!

Posted from phone, so sorry for formatting and loss of bolding!
Kinks and limits will be discussed in DMs!

Hello everyone! If you clicked on this, then it probably means you were interested in one of the few apocalyptic settings from the title, or just felt like checking out what I had in mind! Either way, welcome! But first and foremost I only roleplay with people 18 and over! I am also 18+. Please do not reach out if you're a minor as I am not comfortable writing with you!

I'll start by saying that almost NOTHING is set in stone! That means I'm open to changing plot points, my character, the timeline, scaling the world up or down, etc! As long as we're both happy with things, I'm always willing to change and edit things! But just to give a bit of a starting point, I do have some specific things I would love to see both plot and character wise which I'll mention below with each respective genre! The only thing set in stone is romance is a requirement in which I only write MxF [I write male in most cases.] | If I get too many requests for a certain character type on my or my partner's end, I may bar it, but as of putting this post up this hasn't happened yet. [Though I'll let anyone who reaches out know if that changes!]

Harem: As for the harem aspect, I'm open to including or removing it! We can always discuss it in DMs! None of the prompts include it in their descriptions.

Before jumping into anything about genres, plots, and fandoms here is a list of what I'm looking for in a partner:
- Able to write 1-3 paragraph replies. [Though I also enjoy up to advanced lit!]
- Can reliably get a reply out every 3-4 days or let me know when it's going to be a week or two without a reply most likely!
- Enjoys talking OOC and being able to respect boundaries involving privacy. [So don't start asking me for my SC after 3 days.]
- Can write more than just 'one' character the entire roleplay. | If you can't write secondary's + recurring/NPC's, please don't reach out.
- Comfortable with romance between the two primary characters.
- Comfortable writing a POC for their primary.
Apocalyptic prompts and starters!
Below are several apocalyptic prompts and starters, with one the first section being zombies and the second being other apocalyptic scenarios! I'm also open to ones not on this list!
I have put a "|YYY|" next to the ones I am looking for the MOST at the moment!

The zombie apocalypse
I have a ton of zombie apocalypse ideas as well! They will also be listed below.
Welcome to the freak show!
If you've ever played any zombie video game, there is a high chance that there is more than just your run of the mill 'zombie' from undead that seemed staggeringly strong, to ones that explode when you get close. These mutant freaks seem to be an uncommon breed, but by no means rare! I would love to focus on a world that includes these mistakes of nature and much more!
Some examples: Days gone, Dying light, Left 4 dead, The last of us, Dead island, And more!

Second generation survivors! |YYY|
A generation is typically 25-30 years depending on who you ask. For this I'm specifically looking at an apocalypse that takes place anywhere around 50-60 years after it had become global. Meaning our characters [And most likely their parents.] would be born into a world that was already brought to ruins. This would mean that the undead would not be considered the same to them. Zombies seem closer to a wolf or rabid dog than a person who has passed away and reanimated. People have become used to their lives in communities and actively have little fear for the undead, typically leaving them alone.

A family favorite game show!
If you've ever heard of 'Dead Rising 2' then you might be familiar with TK and his incredibly popular show 'Terror is Reality.' This idea takes a bit of inspiration from it. In a world where the apocalypse was just narrowly avoided, cities and towns which had infections spread or breakout would often be quarantined then cleaned out by professional companies. In comes a new reality show all about survival. With a $100,000 cash grand prize for winning, players must survive an entire year in all matter of places. From private islands that are full of starving infected, to the quarantined streets of Hollywood. The catch? Death is around every corner. With no medical relief staff, and other players gunning it for the money. Will you risk it all for the hundred grand? Or split the winnings and play it safe?

Time's Arrow!
Who said the apocalypse has to be set in the modern days? I would be just as happy having it set in a historical time period. Peak of Rome? Sure! Vikings fighting back draugr? Of course! A fearsome wild west? There are so many choices to choose from! The sky's our limit!

Through the fire. |YYY|
When the apocalypse initially rained down, everything of course went to hell. But where was the military during this time? The idea follows a small squadron of soldiers trying to make it across an apocalyptic united states of America in hopes of finding a cruise ship that has been giving out radio signals for the past several weeks. The catch? They are in need of a person who knows how to sail a ship long-term in hopes of reaching the Hawaiian islands. A member of the navy who happens to hold this specific skill is accompanying them. Though many trials await them on their journey.

Through the unknown.
Not all zombies are caused because of a virus. Some are products of a curse or a bokocaplata. This voodoo/black magic always has a source, and our characters are part of the expedition team to put an end to it! Of course several cliche characters are perfectly fitting for this idea. From the ex-marine who's now a mercenary, to the science loving geek who knows just about everything that's happening. The effects for the 'apocalypse' in this idea can be limited to just a single city/town all the way to the entire country/hemisphere. This focuses greatly on being in a developing country or tribal land!

Abandoned colonies. |YYY|
After seven decades of colonizing mars, humanity found its future bright. With new innovations and technology only thought to be of science fiction constantly being developed, they started to become self reliant. Dome shaped colonies fitting families, and all kinds of scientists seemed to be doing exceptionally well. Though things take a turn for the worse when communications with earth shut down along with several other colonies.

What comes after. |YYY|
I would love something set ‘after’ the initial apocalypse has come and gone. With most undead finally having withered away, minus a few large groups here and there that are in quarantine zones that have been closed off or become inaccessible by any means for the undead to escape. [For example 20 foot walls built around that would require someone to climb a ladder and such. Not the best example, but you get the idea.]
Pretty much this plot would focus on what comes after the initial apocalypse. The rebuilding of America [or another country] after things have come and gone leaving the world scattered. The time since the initial apocalypse started can be anywhere from a good 4-150 years. [4 is assuming the bodies decay at a normal decay rate, leaving them pretty much gone after 4 years. Anything above that would more closely follow the idea that they aren’t bound to normal decay like most zombie movies or shows seem to keep as a factor.]
The finer plot details can be discussed in DMs, but I would love to really see how new societies have taken to handling things in the world. From ones that have pretty laid back laws and demands, to ones that are so strict that even stealing can lead to a death penalty. I would also love to see some form of ‘universal currency’ but we can always discuss and plan that out later.

Ground Zero |YYY|
Inspired by #Alive
While I love the apocalypse once it’s been established, this prompt specifically follows our characters from day one, ground zero. Where the first of infections took place, leading to the mass spread.
I have two options for how it starts in this situation. The first is by physically spreading the normal way, which will have more of a gradual turn across the states and world as things go in a downward spiral. In this situation, we’ll see our characters traveling across America [or another country] to find a safe haven. Some places seemingly free entirely of infection, and others that haven’t quite heard the news. Where money is still being used, and our characters are able to find a sense of normality, to places that have no human life left, and are littered with the infected.
The second being that everyone with AB- blood type [Around less than 1% of the population.] are immediately infected by a mass mutation of rabies, while those of other blood types only react to the normal way of spreading. Because of this, infected pop up pretty much everywhere within 24 hours, leading to a mass infection that overcomes the world easily within a week or two at most.
Depending on which we go with, it’ll leave a very different world. The second will have a lack of normality and safe havens, along with real government response, while the first will have quarantine zones, carpet bombings, and much more! We can always discuss it!

And the rest!
Of course I am open to many other ideas, and not just what is on the list! If you have a specific one in mind, go ahead and tell me! I'm more than happy to hear you out!
The other kinds of apocalypses
I have a ton of non zombie apocalypse ideas as well! They will also be listed below.

Heatstroke |YYY|
Inspired by the books and games of ‘Metro.’
In the year of 21XX climate change reached an all time high, coupled with mass solar flares this led to quite the jump in temperature. Within 20 years, over 80% of the planet became inhabitable. Now unable to sustain life on the surface, one of the few viable solutions was to take it underground.
Over decades later and humanity still lives in the depths. Complex cave systems built from the old world and new. People have divided into factions and communities. Some seek to prosper and work towards finding a way to continue life back on the surface, others are content with their current situation.
While trips to the surface aren’t uncommon, it is always dangerous. Most days make it hard with the bolstering heat, causing most to wait until it cools down to the light 110’s in temperature [Fahrenheit.] Mass covering is required as well due to all the solar radiation.
The planet’s surface itself is in no good condition. Buildings have toppled, wastelands formed from nuclear power plants that have gone off, and many other natural disasters. Great cities now only rubble and ruin for scavengers to survive off of.
Old technology from ham radios to rifles made from wood and pipe can be found all around. Bullets are a rare commodity and often traded for supplies and medicine. In the cases of homemade guns, cheaper less reliable bullets can be found as well. Though they are far from the saving grace an old world one would be.

The Tundras [Heat stroke, but now it’s cold.]
Alternatively climate change could have doubled back and left the world as a frozen tundra. While many of humanity may have chosen to retire under the surface, there are plenty who would find it possible to survive and even thrive in.
It wouldn’t be uncommon to find small settlements of repurposed buildings or newly made log cabins.
In a word where the sun almost never comes out, it isn’t uncommon to find at least 6 inches to a foot of snow on the ground. Vehicles long used are now unable to push through the layers of ice and sleet forcing most on the surface to travel by foot.
Unlike in ‘heat stroke’ many species of animals have thrived on the surface and below.

Another plague |YYY|
Seeing how things with covid are going, it’s more than fair to say the world would come to an end if a large-scale plague took over.
In the year 20XX anyone with the blood type O-positive [Just under 40% of the world] found themselves infected with a virus that had seemingly laid dormant until a sudden change in genetic make-up from outside help.
Hospitals were quickly filled as people found themselves unable to fight the virus.
Within two years, over 95% of the world found itself gone.
Over 30 years later, the world is now plush with fauna and flora. Under 5% of the original population is currently alive.
For a lot, life is simple. Farms and agricultural work has become common in most communities, leaving a lot able to survive in groups.

Technological apocalypse
Inspired by ‘Revolution.’
In the year of 20XX an unknown signal took out any and every electronic device. This caused millions to lose their lives. From those on planes and helicopters, to those on cruise ships and submarines.
This was the start to the inevitable end.
Without TV, radio, and much more there was little to reach out to the people. Militia’s formed, and governments were overthrown.
Over 30 years later, and now a much more divided America [Or whatever we call it.] is in pieces. Factions control different lands, physical money no longer holds importance. Bullets have become less common, leaving people to rely on bows, arrows, and other means. Guns are uncommon, most found themselves melted down and used for tools or other pieces.
Bartering is the most common form of trade, with no real form of currency established.
Unlike most other apocalypse's, over 60% of the world’s population [if not more] are still alive and kicking. Albeit adjusting to their new way of life.

The Wastelands |YYY|
In the year 20XX following a long history of intense political hostilities, the world is finally sent into a nuclear holocaust causing the destruction of life and the world as everyone knows it.
Taking place several years after bombs fell, the world is now in a wasteland state. Cities have crumbled and societies have fallen. Leaving a wake of bandits, communities, cults, and more more of the like.
Water is hard to come by and is a commodity. Most kill without hesitation for even a drop.
It’s nothing more than your typical nuclear apocalypse.
I’m also open to changing the environment to more of a desert kind of style. Sand everywhere. You know, Mad Max Fury Road style.
Nothing really set in stone.

And the rest!
Of course I am open to many other ideas, and not just what is on the list! If you have a specific one in mind, go ahead and tell me! I'm more than happy to hear you out!
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2021.12.01 18:04 Langiel I love to get non-obvious names, especially on a Such beautiful jerseys! There's mine Sens alternate Milan Michalek!

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